Tea Room

Trowbridge Garden Centre Tea Room

Visit our lovely Trowbridge Tea Room The Bay Tree Café, while you are shopping at Trowbridge Garden Centre! Take a moment to relax and enjoy a dish or a drink from our menu. We offer a lot of different meals and drinks. We offer for example sweet cakes as lemon meringue pie, apple pie and puddings. But also main meals as traditional sausages, chilli rice with nacho's, classic lasagne and many more dishes!

Tea Room_Trowbridge

Food and drinks

At The Bay Tree Café you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino and many more drinks. Come together with a friend and spend some time in our café! Beside drinks you can order light bites as beans on toast, scrambled egg on toast, sandwiches, baguettes and many more bites! Our Jacket Potatoes dishes are also very popular. Or would you rather have our soup of the day? There are a lot of possibilities!

Tea Room_Trowbridge

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