Watching a seed germinate and grow is a hugely exciting part of your gardening year. Sometimes, you hardly believe it's going to work. You sow seeds from September until November, before the frost, and for several months you see nothing but an empty garden. Invariably that tiny kernel sends up a sturdy green sprout, which eventually turn into a lovely annual, beautiful perennial or sweet veggie. The plants you raise from seed are always a bit more special, so this year, try raising something new from the hundreds of varieties from our garden centre. We selected the seeds in our garden centre in categories. Find your seeds at our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. 

Annuals seeds

Hardy annuals like love-in-a-mist, marigolds and nasturtiums are easiest of all seeds. These lovely garden plants provide incredibly long seasons of colour from a few seeds scattered direct into the ground in spring. So, if you didn't think of sowing you display in September, we offer you the change to enjoy a dazzling border this Summer. Choose from our wide range of annuals seeds. Even seeds can be planted in flower pots. Just make sure you use well-drained soil, so the seeds can grow ultimately.

Annuals seeds - Trowbridge

Half-hardy annuals include all the bedding plants

Besides annuals, we also have half-hard annuals that will fill up your bedding. In our garden centre, you'll find seed to sow under cover in spring for colourful containers all summer long including pelargoniums, petunias, surfinias and nemesia. If you combine perennials with annuals and early-bloomers with late bloomers, you will enjoy a year-round sparkling border. Choose from our huge assortment seeds in the garden centre. We would love to advice you about which seeds fit your garden or balcony best. Think of the spot, the amount of sun and shade and the level of maintenance. Do you have green fingers or not? For every type of gardener, Trowbridge Garden Centre has the right seeds for you. Visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire and ask our staff for the latest trends in seeds. 

Annuals bedding plants seeds - Trowbridge

Perennials seeds

At Trowbridge, you'll find long-flowering, shade-loving and sun-adoring perennials for every garden. Choose from endless options fo fill up your garden. Perennials seeds must be sown from September until November, before the frost. You can also sow the seeds in early spring, around March, but there is a change the top of the plants will bloom before the roots are established well enough. The roots need enough time to establish in the soil. Well-drained soil contributes to a beautiful display of perennials. Perennials, depend on the sort, love a sunny spot. Give the seeds enough water and you will enjoy a lovely view of young, growing perennials this Summer. Several perennials are very easy from seed, flower in their first year and come back year after year. Try the bright colours of echinacea and rudbeckia. Or what about grasses like deschampsia and hardy geraniums from our range.

Seeds perennials - Trowbridge

Vegetable seeds

Our largest selection of seeds is reserved for the grow-your-own enthusiast. With every vegetable from cucumbers to swede, we have all you want, and even more. Plant tomatoes in the kitchen garden, of choose carrots, radish or chilli peppers. Vegetable seeds aren't hard to grow, you must sow the seeds in well-drained soil and water them once a week. It takes time to grow vegetables. The tomato-season typically starts “six to eight weeks before the average date of the last frost.” Keep this in mind while planting tomatoes. Every packaging tells you exactly when, where and how to plant the seeds. If you need help or you want to try other seeds, please ask our staff at the garden centre. Our heritage ranges boast superb flavour, or for something completely different try exotic vegetables like tamarillos.

Vegetable seeds at Trowbridge

Want to start a flowering, growing and healthy garden this year? It isn't too late to sow seeds. Visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire and discover the endless options in seeds. Do you need help by finding the right seeds? Or do you want to try something new? Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information and advice about the seeds in our range. We look forward to seeing you at Trowbridge Garden Centre! Plan your route to the garden centre at our contact page

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