Bulbs aren't just for spring: you can have flowering bulbs in your garden all year round with a little planning. In our garden centre, we stock bulbs seasonally, so you'll find spring and summer bulbs on sale in autumn, and late-season bulbs on our shelves in Trowbridge - Wiltshire during spring. Choose bulbs for every season to enjoy colour from January till December.

Bulbs for all seasons

Flower bulbs not only give the garden colour during spring. With flowering bulbs, you can create a beautiful colourful garden during summer also. You should plant the flower bulbs during fall when it's not freezing outside. If you plant flower bulbs during the fall/winter season, you are assured of a colourful garden when it becomes spring. Flower bulbs are easy to combine with permanent garden plants and shrubs. They are cheap and maintenance-friendly. The flower bulbs below are suitable for the following seasons:

  • Spring bulbs are first on the scene with a splash of colour so don't stint on quantity: fill your garden with crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips from the fantastic range in our garden centre, and double your display by packing them into pots, too.
  • Summer: it's the turn of the real showstoppers in summer, and in our garden centre you'll find brilliantly-coloured dahlias, flamboyant lilies, sophisticated bearded irises and easy-going pompom allium bulbs.
  • Autumn: plant lipstick-pink nerines for a brilliant splash of colour in September: other autumn bulbs we stock include autumn-flowering saffron crocus, exotic-looking Gladiolus murielae and brilliant yellow Sternbergia.
  • Winter: tiny pink Cyclamen coum nod among the earliest snowdrops, while winter aconites and tiny, delicate winter-flowering irises like Iris danfordiae provide a cheery December splash of yellow.

Do you also want to work with flower bulbs but aren’t you sure how to start? Our staff members in Trowbridge Garden Centre will help you out!


Popular bulbs

Flower bulbs are available in many different types and sizes. There are even so many that there are too many to mention. But which flower bulbs are best known and the most popular? One of the most famous bulbs is the Tulip. Colours as yellow, red, pink, purple and orange, round shape or with serrated petals: the Tulip has multiple manifestations and offers something for everyone.

Tulips left in the ground will sometimes re-flower, but more often they'll dwindle and disappear. If you want to make sure you have a gorgeous yard next year as well, you can replant tulips with new combinations, such as other spring bulbs. In our garden centre, you'll also find varieties in Tulip species – smaller, wilder-looking Tulips which come back year after year so you won't need to lift them. 

Find this small list of our Tulip tips:

  • Tulipa turkestanica, appearing in early spring with up to nine flowers per spike; 
  • Tulipa greigii 'Red Riding Hood', 20cm high and scarlet in April; 
  • Tulipa sprengeri, the last of the tulips to flower in late May, again bright scarlet.

You can find more information about tulip bulbs on the page ‘Tulips that last’.

Find your bulbs at Trowbridge Garden Centre

Even if you don't have a garden, there are many possibilities to grow a colourful balcony. Take a look at our Pots of pleasure to gather information about planting bulbs in pots. Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre and find the bulbs you are looking for! Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about using bulbs in your garden. You can find our location and opening hours at our contact page

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