Despite their exotic appearance, orchids are easy-going houseplants. Orchids are one of the oldest, most popular houseplants. With their extravagant look, they steal the show in every living. Orchids are quite happy in indoor conditions and require little care for their spectacular displays. At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we have plenty of orchids available. Orchids are available all year round. Find an orchid that fits your needs and take care of them like it’s your own child.

Orchid Phalaenopsis

You'll find popular moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) as well as Cymbidium and showy Odontoglossum in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire. They all have beautiful, long-lasting flowers in colours from white to butterscotch to magenta. Orchid Phalaenopsis is one of the most famous orchids in our centre. This type is also called the butterfly orchid. This variety comes in many different types and colours. We even have some varieties with dotted or striped flowers. Orchids have one rule of thumb: make sure the temperature in the room stays above 13 degrees Celsius.

Orchids - Trowbridge

Orchid flowers

Phalaenopsis reflower from nodes on the flowering stem, so once the first flowers fade, cut back to the topmost node, and keep doing this until you reach the bottom node when you can remove it altogether. Cut out Cymbidium and Odontoglossum flower spikes completely as soon as the flower dies back to encourage more flower spikes. In the wild, orchids grow halfway up rainforest trees, so reproduce their ideal warm, humid conditions in bright but not direct light. Too dry, or too hot, and they'll refuse to flower.

Orchid compost

Phalaenopsis orchids can bloom multiple times. If the flowers are faded, or finished, you can trim off the spike to around 2 cm above the first node on the main spike stem. The plant should rebloom next year. Don’t throw your orchids away after they finished blooming. Orchids have the power to start reblooming next year. Make sure you take care of orchids the right way. Add special orchid compost to the soil during the growing season. Orchid compost contains particular nutrients orchids need for strong growth.

Orchid pots

Buy orchids in pots at Trowbridge Garden Centre. All year-round, we offer the brightest orchids in stunning colours. Orchis grow an impressive root system. Therefore, we choose to sell orchids in see-through or glass jars or pots. Watch the root system establish and grow and enjoy the flourishing flowers. Orchids grow best is they’re placed out of direct sunlight. East- or west-facing windowsills or coffee tables are the best options. Be careful with south-facing windowsills, this may cause leaf burn. Besides the right amount of light, orchids love a humid environment. Spray water on your orchid every now and then.

Orchids - Trowbridge

Repot orchids

If you take care of your orchid the right way, you will enjoy its stunning colours for several years. Some care tips are:

  • Water weekly, letting it drain completely.
  • Add specialist orchid fertiliser, also available in our garden centre, once a fortnight.

Repot orchids every two years. We advise you to do the repotting in springtime. The moment you notice your orchid starts to form new shoots, it’s time to repot your orchid. To repot, hold the stem of the plant, keep the pot upside-down and gently pull out the plant of the pot. Cut off old and damaged roots. Fill the bottom of the new pot with orchid compost and carefully place the plant in the new, bigger pot. Fill up the pot with soil. Wait with watering until the next day. Wait for 3 weeks until you fertilise the orchid.

Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information about how to grow orchids and keep them at their best. Plan your route to our garden centre via the contact page.

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