Indoor greenery

Do you also love indoor greenery? A green houseplant refreshes your interior completely! Green, leafy houseplants bring the outdoors indoors - and that means healthy living, too. The Palms, Dracaenas and Ferns you'll find in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire are proven to reduce stress, remove pollutants from the air and increase oxygen levels. 

Care for your indoor plants

Help them carry on the good work by creating the conditions they need to thrive. Most green houseplants prefer somewhere bright but out of direct sunlight, with steady temperatures and humid air. Avoid putting houseplants by radiators or on windowsills where temperatures fall sharply on frosty nights. Try standing them on tables or stands, available in our garden centre, in a bright spot near a window.

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Water sparingly, letting the compost dry out between times, and mist leaves with a hand spray or punt plants in trays of damp gravel to raise humidity. Add liquid feed every couple of weeks and wipe leaves with cotton wool soaked in tepid water to keep dust from blocking their pores. While you're at it, check for pests: fuzzy white tufts are a sign of mealybug, while red spider mite causes yellow mottling and fine webs. Spray with insecticidal soap to put things right again.

Your own little indoor kitchen garden 

When you have a vegetable garden outside, your garden is more sensitive to the influences of, for example, the weather and vermin. That is why, especially for beginners, it is easier to start indoors. This does not mean that you have less work on it. On the contrary: where the rain and sun do not work for you, you will have to provide your plants with sufficient water and sunlight. So keep that in mind before you start. Here are some tips: 

  • Start small: Choose herbs that can grow easily in the house. Like cress, chives or basil. Make a small spot in the house where there is a lot of sunlight. Often the windowsill is a good place for that. There are also many greenhouses specially made for the windowsill, such as this 7-piece electric windowsill.
  • Germinated seeds: Hurray, you see the first signs of green coming out of the earth. One of the most delightful moments. Now it is essential to ensure that your herbs or plants are strong enough to keep growing. Turn the pots in the windowsill a quarter of a turn every other day to ensure that they do not all rise to the sun (and thus start to bend or grow crooked).
  • A great place for your plants: once the plants and herbs grow and flower well, you can possibly move them to another place in the house. For example, think of a hanging garden on the wall (make sure that the water is properly collected so that it does not seep out).

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Get your indoor plants at Trowbridge Garden Centre

Also excited about indoor greenery? Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about looking after your green houseplants. We also have flowering houseplants as Orchids and Cacti. You can find our opening hours and location on our contact page. We look forward to welcoming you very soon in our garden centre! 

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