Indoor Plants

Houseplants are indispensable in the home. Create a garden inside your house with the lush greenery and flowers of houseplants, and you'll not only make your house look beautiful, but you'll also improve your quality of life. You can always create your own ambience with houseplants. There are houseplants in all sorts, shapes, and sizes - some loved for their flowers, others for their striking foliage, and most are relatively low maintenance.

Why you should buy a houseplant

A Houseplant helps regulate humidity levels and add fresh oxygen to your surroundings. Bring nature indoors with houseplants. Some can be moved outdoors onto the patio in summer, although they should be brought inside again in autumn before the weather gets cold. Research has shown that in an average room, just two or three houseplants picked from the range in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre improve air quality, pump feel-good oxygen back into the air and reduce stress.

Various houseplants for every home

In our garden centre, you'll find beautiful architectural palms and ferns for a modern, minimalist look; or pretty African violets, delicate paperwhite Daffodils, and fragrant Stephanotis if shabby chic is more your style. Pick out a good-looking container for your houseplants from the range in our garden centre to show off their beauty. In the right setting, the impossibly exotic flowers of orchids or the strange, waxy bloom of an anthurium can stop you in your tracks.

Houseplant care guidelines

Houseplants like a bright spot out of direct sunlight and away from radiators. Mist regularly with water to keep humidity high - you'll find hand misters in our garden centre, along with liquid feed to keep them at their best all season long.

Popular indoor plants:

These are the most popular indoor plants: 

  1. Snake plants: indirect light is ideal for these plants, with light watering only after the soil has completely dried. 
  2. Cacti: these plants thrive in natural light and only have to be watered once a week during the spring and summer and every three weeks during the fall and winter. Instead of buying one giant cactus, buy a variety of small ones and plant them together in a colourful terrarium to create a simple centrepiece.
  3. Aloe plants: Aloe loves the sun and only requires water once a week, allowing the soil to dry completely in between. Put your plant in a tall pot that keeps the leaves off the table. 
  4. Jade plants: these plants only require medium light for a few hours every day and watering every few days after the soil has completely dried. To help the deep green leaves with red tips on this plant pop, put it in a pot that's just as vibrant and striking.

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Get your houseplants at Trowbridge Garden Centre

Trowbridge Garden Centre has a wide selection of houseplants to choose from! Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about our range of houseplants. You can find our location and opening hours on our contact page

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