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Taking care of your lawn requires some high quality tools, which help you to create that emerald green lawn on which you can sit, enjoy and soak up the atmosphere. With the right tools, some extra care and a bit of attention, you can make your lawn the absolute centrepiece in your garden. It doesn't have to be difficult, if you have the right tools. At Trowbridge Garden Centre you'll find what you need to create that beautiful lawn! Our gardening tools come in different types, sizes, brands and materials, so for different preferences we have the right suitable tools. 

The tools that you need for a beautiful lawn

The basic tools that a lawn requires are the first steps in lawn care. At Trowbridge Gardencentre you're at the right place to find these tools from high quality brands. There's a great variety available and of course we're happy to help you out if you have any questions. The first basic tools that you might need are the following: 

  • Lawnmower: the number one requirement! 
  • Half-moon edger: to create smoothe edges
  • Wire rake: great for removal of autumn leaves on the lawn, and for scarifying
  • Garden fork: for aerating lawns and to create drainage holes

Are you not sure which tools to use, or which tools you might need for a certain task in your garden? Feel free to ask our staff for any information and we are happy to help you out! 

Tips to find the right tools to look after your lawn

If it comes to gardening tools, you might have some preferences for material, size, brands, or certain tool kits. Part of choosing the right tools is also finding out what your garden really needs. For example a lawnmower that works well for you could depend on the size of your lawn. Push mowers are environmentally friendly and very practical for tiny lawns. Electric or petrol mowers are a great idea if the lawn is larger to save some time. The half-moon edger is easy to use and helps to half-moon slice the overgrown edges to make a more pleasing finish, which is pretty straight-forward but also available in different types and sizes. Wire rakes and garden forks will make it easier for you to to scaryfying work, punch holes, aerating lawns. These tasks could be somewhat more intense so using the right tool, and tool size will help you to work more efficiently. Lawn Tools Trowbridge Gardencentre

Find the tools that your lawn needs at Trowbridge Garden Centre!

At Trowbridge Garden Centre we are happy to help you out in case you have any questions. Please ask our staff anything that you would like to know about lawn care and gardening tools and we will give you a personal advice. We hope to welcome you at Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire soon. Feel free to give us a call on 01225 763927 or send us an email to [email protected]. Find more tools on our website such as cutting edge tools and other must have gardening tools.

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