Unique gifts

Thinking of original gifts can be hard. But what about grow-your-own gifts? Birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or wedding gifts are sometimes hard to think of. Not even started about a gift for mum. Trowbridge Garden Centre loves to help you thinking of the best gifts. And nothing funnier than growing your own gifts? If you are fond of gardening, and you love to cook, too, then you have to stop by our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. We have all kinds of gifts that either you can grow first, or send to your beloved ones to make them grow the gift. Read on and discover the many options for growing your own gifts. 

Gifts for mum

Your mother is, of course, one of the pickiest persons alive. The one who taught you everything, and the one who deserves nothing but the best. Especially with gifts. But after years of putting blood, sweat, and tears in wonderful presents. Now, it's time to come up with a gift she never forgets. Lucky you, at Trowbridge we have special self-to-grow gifts that will definitely give your mum that special feeling. What about a living rose plant? 

Baby shower gifts

When a newborn is on its way, a baby shower is often organized. At a baby shower party, you come together with all the (mostly female) friends and family of the pregnant mommy-to-be, and play games and guess the name of the still-to-be-born baby. If you want to make a lovely entrance, and send a unique gift, read on. At Trowbridge Garden Centre in Wiltshire, we have plenty of small plants, trees, shrubs, or other green buddies that desperately search for a new home. Olive trees stand for the gift of life, peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power, and purity. Nothing more special than presenting an olive tree as a baby shower gift. Come in and discover many other unique present ideas. 

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Gifts that are always good

If you grow your own food, you're not only a gardener: you're a farmer, and a cook, too. There's a wide range of presents for all three in our garden centre: here are a few ideas for gifts for gardeners, cooks, and farmers:

  • Trugs: the smooth curves of hand-made wooden trugs are the ultimate in good-looking baskets to gather fruit and veg. Gardeners often use trugs for carrying garden flowers and produce. 

  • Apple storing racks: no more fiddling about with cardboard boxes and newspapers: practical wooden racks hold the fruit in perfect condition through winter. Hang this storing rack in the kitchen, in the living or in the barn.

  • Fruit pickers: those maddening apples and plums growing at the top of the tree are no longer just for the wasps: long nets on telescopic handles make picking them a cinch. Buy this handy tool at Trowbridge at reach for the stars.

  • Preserving pans: most veg growers are dab hands at making chutneys and jams: a proper preserving pan gives them perfect results every time.

  • Lantern cloches: Glass-windowed mini-greenhouses for bringing on early crops which are as ornamental as they are practical. We have mini models, larger ones and spectacular greenhouses with lightning.

  • Hand care: After days toiling at the plot a gardener's hands are in serious need of TLC. A nailbrush, some good soap and a heavy-duty hand cream specially formulated for gardeners should put things right.

Gifts - Trowbridge Garden Centre

Buy gifts that count at Trowbridge

Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about choosing gifts for gardeners who grow their own.

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