A gardener's Christmas wishlist

What's on your gardeners Christmas wishlist this year? If you are a beginning or a professional gardener, here are some tips to put on your Christmas wishlist. Every year, when the Christmas season starts, you already look forward to starting pruning, digging, shovelling, planting and raking your garden. Gardeners tend to have firm ideas about what should be in their Christmas stockings. Don't worry: we know exactly what you love. Here's a selection of gifts from our garden centre to delight the gardener in your life.

Gifts for gardeners this Christmas

If you are fond of gardening, putting your hands in the soil and sniffing the fresh air from your kitchen garden, you have a different wishlist this Christmas than others. A gardener's Christmas wishlist contains garden tools, seeds, flower bulbs and weatherproof clothing. At Trowbridge Garden Centre, you find a lot of gifts that fit a gardener's needs. Aren't you a professional gardener, but do you want to start gardening more next year? Now it the time to receive the best gifts to start a new hobby as a gardener. Read more about the healthy benefits of gardening in this article

Gardeners Christmas wishlist - Trowbridge

Buy lovely gifts at Trowbridge Garden Centre

  • Terracotta rhubarb forcers: every gardener covets one of these elegant Victorian clay pots, even if they don't grow rhubarb, as they look so gorgeous. These bell-shaped pots have a lid that covers the opening at the top. Force early crops like rhubarbs, chicory and asparagus into producing their ready-to-eat harvest a little earlier than scheduled. 

  • Wooden plant labels: perfect stocking fillers, plants will never be named so handsomely. Natural-looking, they blend unobtrusively into the background. Place a wooden plant label in every veg and fruit variation in your kitchen garden to create a clear overview. Never harvest too early or mix up two different veggies anymore.

  • Seeds: a gardener can never have too many seeds. Seeds can be sown almost all year round. Choose a selection from mouthwatering heritage vegetables to pretty annuals in our garden centre, and add a handsome vintage seedbox to keep them in. Buy kitchen garden seeds at Trowbridge and start growing your own kitchen needs in the garden.

  • Garden planners: gardeners are always coming up with new ideas and making notes. Handy folders and journals keep it all in one place. We offer books, note blocks and agendas to write down thoughts and ideas. Discover kitchen garden books, planting in pots, sustainable gardening and many more inspiring books from our book section in the garden centre.

  • Something for a rainy day: when winter weather forces a gardener to down tools, a good gardening book makes up for the disappointment. All this year's new gardening books are here in our garden centre. Or, just take a look at our weatherproof clothing and buy a raincoat, a pair of boots and gloves to continue gardening, even when the weather is bad. 

  • Toasty feet: these welly socks stay up, and keep your toes warm and dry even when you're trudging through wind and rain to the compost heap. Excellent to wear when it's cold outside. 

Gardeners gifts at Trowbridge

Buy above-mentioned and many more gardener's gifts at Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Besides all these gifts, we offer Christmas presents, Christmas decorations and Christmas wrapping to enjoy this Christmas to the fullest. Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about perfect Christmas presents for gardeners.

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