Right pot, right place

Chances are great that you are thinking of adding containers to your garden, or that you already own them. Colourful plants in wooden containers will add the perfect contrast of colour and a natural setting, whilst neutral-coloured plants in oil-based containers may add calmness and relaxation. Generally speaking, plants in containers are easy to maintain. However, if they are not placed in the right spot, chances are your plants might not survive for long. To prevent this from happening, our container experts offer you some tips and tricks. Come and stroll through our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire to discover all the different options for container gardening. 

Choose the right pot

It is better to have a few bigger pots than a number of small pots. Not only for styling reasons, but also to improve the living conditions of your container plants. In our garden centre you will find a large number of big containers ready to be filled with your favourite plants. For instance, you can find the following containers at our garden centre:

  • Wooden containers
  • Containers in different sizes
  • Containers in different shapes
  • And many more...

Not only does the size of your container influence the wellbeing of your plants, it is also important to consider which material the containers are made of. For example, containers made of lightweight plastic may be more sensitive to windy environments compared to a more weighty terracotta container. Find out which container will do best in your garden's natural environment. 


Container plants for shade

We understand that not all gardens are sunny at all times. However, just because your garden is not that sunny, does not mean that you can't spice up your garden by adding a bit of flair to the more shady spots. Trowbridge Garden Centre has got you covered. Plants that are a great fit for your less sunny areas include Fuchsia, Torenia and Coral bells. Fuchsia and Torenia are plants that are well known for their colourful flowers. The Coral bells are beautiful as well as almost indestructible. This means that you can enjoy your plants for a long period of time!

Container plants for full sun

Growing container plants in direct sunlight can be a challenging task. The sunlight can cause plants and flowers to dry out or even burn if they are not kept moist enough. Great options for a sunny garden are Aster, Daylily and Verbena. These kinds of plants will need a lot of direct sunlight to grow, which can be challenging in the UK. However, if taken care of correctly, they are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

For more information on how to grow these plants in your garden, come and visit our garden centre. Our gardening experts are more than willing to give you advice on what kind of plants are the best fit for your garden or balcony. If you are unsure about the positioning of your plants and containers, do not hesitate to contact us. Sun or no sun: at Trowbridge Garden Centre we always have the perfect plant for you. 

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