Container moods

Every plant needs a container. However, the type of container you choose can greatly influence the mood and atmosphere in your garden. To help you along, we have put together a step-by-step plan to assist you in picking the perfect container for your plants. Trowbridge Garden Centre has a broad variety of containers. Whether you are going for a lushy and tropical look, or stylish and funky: we've got you covered. Our plan covers the following topics: 

  • Container colour
  • Plant style
  • Mood management

Pick the container colour for your ideal mood

Container gardening is a fun and easy way to dress up your garden. Depending on which container colours you choose, you can create the mood you're going for. At Trowbridge Garden Centre, containers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The containers we offer are always on trend. Firstly, wooden containers are always a great option. Besides adding a true outside-feel to your garden, wooden containers offer space for creativity. Want to add a bit of extra colour to your garden? Paint your wooden containers yourself! Secondly, containers covered in oil stains give your garden more of a luxurious look, adding a relaxing atmosphere. Last but definitely not least, go for echo stem or flower colours to make your garden pop. 


The 3 best plant styles for container gardening

  • Euphorbia: What makes this plant so great for container gardening is its resilience. The euphorbia plant is resistant to most types of weather and climates. With its airy white flowers, this beautiful plant radiates calmness. This plant fits perfectly with a oil based container.
  • Nemesia: This plant's colourful little flowers last all season. Whether you go for a bright pink, a bright yellow or a lovely purple, this plant is sure to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space. To add some contrast, wooden containers are the perfect fit.
  • Ornamental pepper: These small plants are the perfect addition to your bright and colourful containers. The bushy plant with its pretty fruit add a minimalistic and clean look. 

For further information about container plants, come and visit our garden centre or explore our website. 

Mood management 

Once you have found your plants and containers, the way you organise them can lift your garden's atmosphere to the next level. If you are going for a more vibrant look, Trowbridge Garden Centre offers a variety of containers in popping colours. Go for a combination of clashing colours such as purple and a bright yellow to lift the mood. To lower the pressure in your outdoor space, go for containers in our harmonious colours or pastel range. Combine wooden and oil-based container styles to create your dream garden. Time to relax!

For more information about the perfect container for you container plant, ask our staff for help or advice. They are more than willing to give you advice about creating containers for special effects in your garden. Come and stroll through our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire to explore all the available options yourself! 

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