Plastic vs terracotta

Can't choose between plastic or terracotta containers for your garden plants? There's a huge choice of containers available in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire, but two types remain most popular: clay terracotta or versatile plastic. So which is best for you and your plants? We made a list of the pros and cons of terracotta and plastic. Besides the beauty aspect, sometimes, the sustainable aspect is more important. Learn more about how to choose between terracotta or plastic containers. 

Plastic vs terracotta containers - Trowbridge

Pros of terracotta pots

  • Terracotta has the look of a richly organic traditional material, yet you'll find angular modern designs among the traditional clay in our garden centre.
  • Terracotta pots are heavier, and also have porous sides, allowing air and water to pass through and letting plants' roots 'breathe'. This means you'll need to water more often: lining the inside with plastic (punched with drainage holes) helps. You'll find pots in our garden centre are labelled 'frost-resistant' so they won't flake or crack in the cold: putting them up on pot 'feet' also helps prevent frost damage.

Cons of terracotta pots

Of course, there are also cons of terracotta pots 

  • Terracotta pots are more fragile than plastic pots. If you drop a terracotta flower pot, there is a big chance that the container won't survive. 
  • Terracotta colours fade, If you buy a deep red-brown coloured terracotta pot, you will notice the bright colour fades after several years. 
  • Green algae have a free ticket if it comes to cover a terracotta pot. Terracotta cools of sooner than plastic, therefore, algae attack surfaces and cover the pot with green algae.
  • Terracotta pots are less sustainable if it comes to the lifespan of one pot. But plastic pots are more damaging to the environment to produce. 

Pros and cons plastic vs terracotta - Trowbridge

Pros of plastic containers

  • Plastic is light and lasts ages, and there's a dazzling range in our garden centre. Modern plastic finishes can look almost identical to terracotta, so you can still get the traditional look.
  • Plastic pots hold on to water more easily, needing less watering and a perfect environment for plants like blueberries which like to sit in damper compost. Drought-lovers like Mediterranean herbs, though, prefer terracotta.
  • Plastic is cheaper than terracotta

Cons of plastic containers

  • Plastic is damaging to the environment. If you care for the planet, you must reduce your plastic use. Plastic containers for flowers or garden plants won't contribute to this goal. 
  • Light-weight containers are more likely to tip over. Don't plant your favourite garden plant that reaches for the stars in a cheap, plastic pot. The plastic container may fall over, which results in a damaged, or, even worse, broken garden plant.
  • If you dispose of the plastic pot, they create plastic waste. This is also bad for the environment. Think about buying plastic pots first, before you buy them. 

Make your choice, and buy your containers at Trowbridge

Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about choosing between plastic or terracotta containers for your garden.

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