Feeding your soil

A wise advice when it comes to gardening is 'Feed your soil, not your plants', meaning: a well-nourished soil is the foundation for optimal plant health and growth. A well-cultivated soil has a shape like breadcrumbs, which are rich and hearty and provide your plants with everything they need. There is a huge range of products to take care of your soil, like soil imrpovers, fertilisers, and composts. Besides that, special plant feeds provide some of your special plants with their specific needs. This is the foundation for a healthy garden, which allows your plants to grow optimally.

The benefits of a healthy soil

Basically the health of each and every plant starts with a healthy and well-nourished soil. You can recognise a healthy soil by the open structure, through which water drains easily. Besides that, they have moisture-retentive characteristics, allowing it to absorb water and hold onto it until the plants need it. Open soils also teem with micro-organisms which make it easier for roots to absorb the nutrients the plants need, which of course helps the plants to thrive. 

The use of compost or fertilisers to feed your soil

Compost is full of nutrients that support a healthy soil and besides that it ensures a good soil structure by initiating the processes that build the perfect structure. We offer different kinds of compost, both specialist composts which are tailor-made and adjusted to specific plant needs and the farmyard manure compost that is for more general use. Besides that, we have liquid fertilisers to encourage flowering and fruiting. We will explain some of the processes that each of these tools initiate:

  • Farmyard manure works deep into the soil through the season, releasing nutrients as it goes. Dig in to the top layer of the soil at half a wheelbarrow load per square metre.
  • Slow release fertilisers such as bonemeal increase the nutrient levels gradually over the season, apply these in March and in late June. Follow-up with a much of more well-rotted organic matter for an extra support for your plants. 

Besides these basic steps for soil improvement, we also offer special plant feeds, adjusted to the specific needs of specific plants. One plant might need more nitrogen, the other might grow better with more magnesium and so on. That's why you can choose for specialist plant feeds along with your soil improvement, to provide your plants with the soil they will thrive in. 

Feed your soil Trowbridge Garden Centre

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At our Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire you're at the right place for soil improvers and more. We provide you with all the information you might need, just ask our specialised staff any of your questions and we're happy to help. We have a wide variety of soil improvers such as compost, fertilisers, and special plant feeds. These are some of the basic needs to provide your plants with the nutrients and minerals they need to grow and flourish. Find out more in the other categories around soil improvement, or vist Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire! 

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