Bird care

It’s necessary to feed your garden birds all year. Every season, they need a little extra help to survive and feed their young. You can contribute to a healthier living environment by caring for your garden birds. Trowbridge Garden Centre has everything you need to keep your feathered friends chirp. Please find our garden bird care tips and visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire to buy the best products.

Spring garden bird care

As the days get lighter, birds across the United Kingdom start to get ready for the breeding season. You can provide garden birds with a little bit of extra help to ensure they have all the resources to raise their babies. Offer different kinds of food in spring, so that they can feed their young.

  • Hang up nest boxes in a safe and comfortable environment, protected from predators.
  • Feed your garden birds with high-energy things like suet and fat balls.
  • Fill your birdbath with clean water.

Spring bird care - Trowbridge

Summer garden bird care

Summer seems to be the perfect season for garden birds, but a little helping hand is also needed in warmer months. Because there’s not much rain, the soil becomes very dry, making it harder for birds to find food. Young chicks rely on natural food sources like caterpillars and other invertebrates. They can’t eat supplementary foods, like sunflower seeds. Therefore, it’s essential to offer additional food, so garden birds can feed their youngs with natural foods.

  • Provide fresh, clean water to keep your garden birds hydrated in your birdbath.
  • Offer high-protein food to support their development and assist with the moulting process.

Summer bird care - Trowbridge

Autumn garden bird care

Birds are moulting in autumn and preparing their bodies for winter. Many creatures fatten themselves up during the summer and autumn months to survive over the winter. Daylight becomes short, and the garden’s atmosphere changes in autumn. Some garden birds fly from the UK to warmer climates. Others prepare for winter by overwintering in a sheltered spot in the garden. Offer different feeding stations to attract several bird types. We recommend using various bird food, like seeds, suet, fat balls and peanuts.

  • Keep your feeding table clean.
  • Clean out bird boxes to prepare for next spring.

Autumn bird care - Trowbridge

Winter garden bird care

During winter, you can help garden birds by providing them with safe shelter, clean drinking water, and supplementary food. While temperatures drop in winter, food becomes less available, which means garden birds need extra help to survive.

  • Feed birds high-energy and energy-rich food containing suet, nuts and oil-rich seed.
  • Put up nest boxes in a sheltered and free-accessible spot in the garden.

Winter bird care - Trowbridge

Buy garden bird care products at Trowbridge Garden Centre

We love garden birds and offer the correct products every season. Please visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire to buy birdbaths, bird tables, nest boxes, bird food and other products. Any questions about attracting a particular bird species to your garden? Please ask our staff workers to help you find the right products.

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