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Are you looking for bird accessories to shelter and feed garden birds in your garden? Trowbridge Garden Centre offers many bird accessories to attract flying wildlife to your area. We'd love to show you our wide range of bird accessories, including bird feeders, birdbaths and feeding stations. Bird accessories like bird feeders and birdbaths are indispensable to bird lovers and will provide a resting spot in your garden. Turn your garden into garden birds' favourite visit spot, and enjoy the chirping birds that visit your garden. Whether you are looking for accessories to provide a water source, food to feed your garden birds, or a birdhouse to shelter, at Trowbridge Garden Centre we have everything you need to attract lots of lovely garden birds to your garden.


The perfect way to finish off your garden is with bird accessories. Besides garden birds, other wildlife will visit your garden more often with the right garden accessories. What about butterflies, bees, dragonflies, other insects and, of course, garden birds make your garden the perfect place to enjoy your local wildlife. Appreciate nature and attract wildlife to your own garden with bird accessories from Trowbridge. Other ways to attract local wildlife are planting a butterfly-bush, attracting butterflies and bees to flutter around, and bringing the spring feeling to your garden. Contribute to flourishing wildlife in your area by providing sufficient nature and accessories for animals to enjoy. This will increase biodiversity and make your garden bloom.

Bird accessories - Trowbridge Garden Centre


At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we offer a wide range of plants to create your dream garden. Besides plants, we offer all kinds of accessories to support wildlife in your area. Think, for example, of the following garden accessories to attract garden birds to your garden:

  • Birdbaths provide a refreshment area; 

  • Bird stations enable birds to find food to survive, especially in colder months when food becomes scarce;

  • Birdhouses are attractive to build a nest.

Besides these bird accessories, you can also find bird food in our assortment. Curious about our garden bird and other garden animal range? Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire and explore our garden birds section.


If you want to increase biodiversity, you must have sufficient plants in your garden. Contribute to your local wildlife by planting the right plants. We offer several kinds of highly bird-friendly plants, such as solitaires, shrubs and hedges. Especially hedges are the perfect replacement of a fence contributing. Bring nature to your garden and offer a living space for the birds in your area. Garden birds are fond of hedges where they can hide, build nests, and eat berries and insects attracted by the hedge. And, for you, hedges make the perfect decor to watch birds enjoy your garden! You'll find bird-friendly plants and bird accessories in our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. If you can't find what you're looking for, our friendly staff is always willing to help. 


At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we have everything to transform your garden into a bird paradise. You will find plants, birdbaths, birdhouses and other bird accessories. Discover our bird-friendly assortment of plants, garden accessories and other bird products. Do you have any questions? Please ask one of our team at Trowbridge for more information and advice about the best bird accessories for your garden. Every season, we have the right products for you at any time of the year. Visit our centre in spring, summer, fall and winter for specific bird accessories, and make your garden the best stop of the area. You find our contact information on the contact page. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. Find our contact details on the contact page or please call us on 01225 763927.

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