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Do you want to build a huge Christmas villageVillage scenes can't be missed in your Christmas house. Trowbridge Garden Centre offers high-quality Village Scenes that are beautifully decorated. Choose from our range such as bridges, towers, churches, carousels, windmills, houses, shops, and figures. At our garden centre, we present you a lovely assortment of Village Scenes. Build the best Christmas village in the Wiltshire region. Discover our electric Christmas houses and lights, these will make your village come to life. Moving items and music really bring joy to your Christmas village. Explore our range of Village Scenes and build the most beautiful Christmas village ever.

What items can't be missed by building a Christmas village? We show you all the ins-and-outs.

Christmas houses

Christmas is, of course, the perfect opportunity to go crazy with Christmas decorations. Christmas houses are part of this craziness. Are you completely fond of building a fantastic Village Scene? You can't wait to get the Christmas items from the attic? Have you already cleaned out the sideboard so that you can build your Christmas village here soon? At Trowbridge, we love this kind of enthusiasm and we are happy to support you in this hype. This year, our range of Village Scenes is even better than before. Visit our garden centre in Wiltshire and provide yourself with the best items.

Christmas Village Scenes - Trowbridge

What do I need for a Christmas village?

Do you have a creative mind and do you really want to stand out with your Christmas village this year? Then buy charming detailed Village Scenes articles at Trowbridge Garden Centre in Wiltshire. Before you start building a Christmas village, you first need a "shopping list" with the essentials. The following products can't be missed if you're building a Christmas village:

  • Christmas houses
  • Dolls
  • Trees
  • Extension cord
  • Snow

Do you want to create height? Use shoeboxes, for example, to create height in your village. Place the church on the highest point. Do you even want to build a ski piste? Then create a diagonal hill for the piste. If you need help with this, ask our staff members. They're all professional builders, so they can help you out. Tape the shoeboxes tightly so that they don't slip on the surface.

Build a Christmas village

Now, let's start building a Christmas village. How do you ensure to build the most beautiful creation? At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we offer you a lovely assortment with cute houses, dolls and buildings to decorate your Christmas village nicely. Do you also want to build a professional village at home? Then follow these tips:

  1. Make a plan. Without a plan, you can't start. Decide where you are going to build the Christmas village, how much space you will need and then make a sketch. Check how many power points you need and whether you have an extension cord at home.

  2. Cover your surface with a white cloth, with fake snow or with moss. This way you cover the surface and immediately create a winter atmosphere.

  3. Place the houses in the right place and connect them to the electricity. This way you can see whether all the houses are still intact and how many power strips you need.

  4. Then place the figures and dolls. Try to create scenes and situations with this. Create a story, let your imagination free! 

  5. Also, place the trees and lampposts to turn your Christmas village into a living village.

  6. Is everything in place now? Then sprinkle some fake snow over your village. Beware you do this at the very end. Loose snow is a beautiful sight but will cause a daily vacuum cleaning job. Although, you will do all that for a cosy Christmas village!

How to build a Christmas village - Trowbridge

Buy Village Scenes at Trowbridge

Buy the nicest Village Scene Christmas houses at Trowbridge Garden Centre in Wiltshire. With us, you find a wonderful range of original Christmas houses. Build the most beautiful Christmas village ever this year and make Christmas 2020 unforgettable. Christmas houses are available in many different types. With us, you don't only buy Christmas houses, but also mini artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas Decorations and Wreaths and Garlands. Do you have questions about our range or are you looking for a special product? Feel free to contact us by calling 01225 763927 or send an email to [email protected]. We are happy to help you.

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