What else is more relaxing than chilling in your own jacuzzi? At Trowbridge Garden Centre in Wiltshire, we have the most relaxing hot tubs, bubble baths and relaxing spas in our assortment. This year, we might celebrate holidays close to our homes, so why not make a huge investment that you will use for many more years? Discover our jacuzzi's in our outdoor range. We have multiple hot tubs that chill your stress level. Jump in after a long day at work. Sit back, relax, and read a good book. Visit our garden centre in Wiltshire to discover our jacuzzi assortment. Our friendly staff is always willing to help you. Ask them anything. 

Jacuzzi in the garden

A jacuzzi in the garden provides you with the ultimate relaxing and relieves stress. Is installing a jacuzzi in the garden expensive?  The answer differs. It depends on the size, brand and size. It's not only the jacuzzi that causes costs, but also the water, cleaning of the water, the cover for keeping away the debris, and also retaining the heat whilst you are not using it. Jacuzzi's aren't the most sustainable products in the world. But at Trowbridge, we sell brand and models that aren't too damaging to the environment. Think of the energy bill before you buy a jacuzzi. A hot tub in the garden costs a lot more than just the jacuzzi itself.

Jacuzzi - Trowbridge

Install the hot tub in the garden

Heating up the jacuzzi

Heating up the jacuzzi every time you want to enter, takes time and a lot of energy. The best thing to do with a jacuzzi is to retain the continuous temperature. For example, install the temperature of the water is always 37 degrees Celsius. This way, you can immediately enter the jacuzzi whenever you want. If you go on holiday or business trip for a longer period of time, simply uninstall this continuous temperature.

Integrated or stand-alone

Do you want to integrate the jacuzzi in the garden? This means you have to dig a hole that is big enough to fit the jacuzzi all the way until the top. This gives the garden a more open view than just a stand-alone jacuzzi. It depends on the situation because, in the patio, a stand-alone jacuzzi looks much better than an integrated one. You can also choose to make a hot tub next to the swimming pool. This way, you create a separated bubble bath from the swimming pool, which makes it cosier.

Outdoor jacuzzi

Think of the following things before you install a jacuzzi: First of all, the place where you want to settle the jacuzzi. Do you have a garden or a balcony? If you have a garden, you have to choose between a sunny site or a sheltered spot. If you have a balcony, you have to be careful with the placing. A jacuzzi weighs a lot and needs a stable, concrete base. Make sure the roof terrace is strong enough for the weight of a jacuzzi. Several things you need to clarify before you install a jacuzzi in the garden:

  • Place
  • Water
  • Hygiene
  • Electronic connections
  • Safety
  • Rules and regulations

Jacuzzi and hot tubs at Trowbridge

Crazy about installing a jacuzzi in your garden? We totally understand why. We offer the best jacuzzies, hot tubs and spas for outdoor use. Come over and discover the many options in jacuzzi land at our garden centre. We offer round, square, and rectangle jacuzzies. Depending on the budget, we can add as many extras as you want. Ask our staff for advice, or give us a call. We are open seven days a week. Visit our garden centre in Wiltshire. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden centre. 

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