Valentine's Day roses

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show your love to your Romeo or Juliet by giving them a cut rose. Roses are the flower of love. With their deep red colour, it's the purest way to say 'I love you.' During Valentine's Day, at Trowbridge garden centre we have the most beautiful cut roses to surprise your love. Do you want to give a bouquet of roses or just one single rose? Is this your first time you have a Valentine? Or have you been sending the same person roses over the years? No matter what your reason may be, you must give a quality rose that lasts as long as it can. Want to find out how to surprise your love on Valentine's Day? Find out Valentine's assortment in Poynings.

Meaning of different colour of roses

All roses with a different colour have other definitions. With Valentine's Day, it's common to give red roses. But why do we send red roses on Valentine's Day? Why don't we give white, yellow, red or orange roses on Valentine's Day? Find out what the meaning of different coloured roses is.

  • White roses: new beginnings and marriage, everlasting love
  • Yellow roses: friendship. joy and caring
  • Pink roses: feminity, elegance, sweetness
  • Peach roses: 'thank you.'
  • Orange roses: 'I am so proud of you.'
  • Red roses: passion, love, desire, best way to say 'I love you.'
  • Lavender roses: desire, secret crush

Roses - Trowbridge

Send love on Valentine's Day

Our florists in the garden centre will help you create a beautiful bouquet that guarantees the wow factor. The iconic roses are ideal for making this Valentine's Day special. Because although your girlfriend may say she doesn't care for roses on Valentine's Day, actually she does! All women love roses on Valentine's Day, and it's no tradition for no reason. Visit our garden centre before Valentine's Day or come over on the 14th of February to get the perfect red roses for your lover. This Valentine's Day will be exclusive with red roses from Trowbridge. Want to find out how you keep your Valentine's Day bouquet last longer? 

Valentines Day gifts for her

Besides a stunning red rose, you can add a bunch of candles to your present on Valentine's Day. Show your romantic side by selecting the right gifts. Wrap the gifts and put them in a basket. Buy a good bottle of wine, lit the candles and success guaranteed. Don't forget to put the roses in a glass of water if you're out for the whole day. Roses need water to grow and stay stunning. Get a delicious box of chocolate and steal your girl's heart. 

Valentine's Day - Trowbridge

Valentine's roses at Trowbridge

Get your Valentine's Day roses at Trowbridge garden centre. We have selected the best roses for you to provide Valentine's Day, you won't forget. Don't forget to get your roses on time; we have limited stock and only want to sell the best quality roses. Want to give roses that last longer? Give a rose shrub on Valentine's Day to emphasize you want to stay with your love for a long time. Find out everything about outdoor roses.

We look forward to wrapping your Valentine's Day gifts and arrange your flower bouquets. Plan your route to our garden centre before you visit us. 

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