Christmas decorations

Are you looking for wonderful Christmas decoration to turn your living room into a Christmas fairytale? Then visit Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. We have a wonderful range of amazing Christmas decoration in our garden centre. Our decorations make the finishing touch to an absolutely perfect Christmas 2020. Please come and visit our Christmas department in Trowbridge-Wiltshire.

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Christmas tree lights

Decoration, a Christmas tree like a pro, is easier than it looks. Start with lights! The foundation of your Christmas tree design is the Christmas lights. The designer rule of thumb is a hundred lights for every 1.5 feet. But feel free to add more! At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we have a lot of different Christmas lights for inside and outside. If you are using lights from previous years, be sure always to check that your lights are working before you string them on your tree. There are also artificial trees that are pre-lit and have the lights already integrated.

Christmas trends 2020

This Christmas, the 'less is more' trend is over. The year 2020 has been eventful. Therefore, Christmas 2020 must be wonderful in every way. At Trowbridge Garden Centre, we discovered the Christmas trends for 2020. Our garden centre is stocked with all kinds of Christmas decoration to fill your house and garden with lights, balls, and tinsels. Want to find out what the Christmas trends of 2020 are? 

1. Velvet and velours Christmas decorations

Velvet and velours are luxury materials that will be often used this Christmas. We have a wide range of velours Christmas balls, Christmas trees for decoration, table runners, table cloths and napkin rings. Discover our assortment and make this Christmas delightful and flamboyant.

Velvet Velours Christmas - Trowbridge Garden Centre

2. Tropical Christmas decorations

Although Christmas is the coldest time of the year, Christmas 2020 will be filled with pineapples, sunglasses, flamingos, ice creams, birds, and many more summer and tropical figures that can hang in the Christmas tree. This trend isn't for shy people. This trend is all about 'the bigger, the better.' In our garden centre, you find loads of Christmas ornaments. Bring your (grand)children with you to our garden centre and let them choose a Christmas ornament to hang in the Christmas tree. Are you looking for a specific item? Ask our staff members. They will take time to help you find the perfect decorations. Want to know more about this trend? Visit our Christmas section in our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire.

Tropical Christmas - Trowbridge Garden Centre

How to hang ornaments in your Christmas tree

There are no firm rules for decorating your Christmas tree, but we got a few tips for you.

  • Start with your favourite ornaments to give them a prime location where you can best see them.
  • Next, add your largest ornaments.
  • Fill in the rest of the spare parts of the Christmas tree with the medium or small decorations.
  • Make sure you’re not just putting ornaments on the outside edges of the tree.
  • A designer's secret is putting ornaments deeper into the branches so that you can ensure that your tree has visual dept.

Christmas decorations_Trowbridge Garden Centre

Christmas decorations assortment

We've got the best Christmas decorations for you in our Trowbridge-Wiltshire garden centre. Discover anything from baubles and tinsel to candles and ornaments. Think carefully about the look you're trying to create, though: are you a pared-down or more a minimalist type? Or a throw-it-on, anything-goes kind of person? The more decoration, the more chaos. Add structure to the chaos with Christmas decorations from Trowbridge. We offer lovely figures, stunning Santas and many more Christmas decoration you never thought of. Our centre is filled with decorations to make it cosy at home. Your guests will be amazed by your trendy Christmas decorations. Treat yourself with a fantastic ending of the year 2020 and supply yourself with Christmas decorations of Trowbridge Garden Centre.

Christmas decorations - Trowbridge Garden Centre

Christmas decorations themes

Here are some different styles you could try this Christmas:

  • White Christmas: pure white decorations look magical. Limit yourself to silver and white tinsel, pure white baubles and perhaps white poinsettias too.
  • Red and green: stick to red and green for an instant festive atmosphere. Hang green wreaths from red ribbons and use red and green candles to light corners.
  • Green and natural: pick greenery from the garden for wreaths studded with pinecones and berries, or fill vases with seed heads sprayed silver and gold.
  • Classic abundance: it's Christmas, so overdoing it is absolutely compulsory! Look out for glass baubles, beaded silver or gold strings, and twinkly lights to create a sparkling wonderland.
  • Themed: pick a theme, like stars, and repeat throughout your decorations with star-printed baubles and tinsel with stars set among the strands.
  • Garlands: garlands can be anything that you’re draping on your tree around or vertically. These can be ribbon, strands of popcorn, fabric or an actual Garland.

Please ask the staff in our in Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about choosing the Christmas decorations right for you. Any questions? Please contact us

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