Vegetables for containers

Growing vegetables in containers is a lifeline for patio gardeners and helps beef up the harvest from handkerchief-sized gardens, too. Aren't you privileged with a huge garden or an endless roof terrace? No problem. Vegetables are ideal for growing in containers. At Trowbridge, we have several vegetable seeds and vegetable plants to grow on your balcony. Are you looking for stunning boxes to house your vegetables? Choose from the full arrangement in our flower pots section. When space is limited, you need the ingenuity to get the most from your plot. Follow our five rules for bumper container harvests every year.

Choose the right spot for your vegetables in containers

Vegetables like a sunny spot, so choose the right place on your balcony or terrace. Make sure the spot isn't too windy, vegetables can't handle too much wind. Protect your vegetable plants from wind by placing them next to a wall. Cover the containers with a lid if there's too much rain, vegetable plants like water, but will rotten if they get wet feet. Combine different vegetables to create a lovely, healthy, good-looking display on the balcony. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff for advice. They are always happy to help you. 

Vegetables for containers - Trowbridge

Don't rush, relax with vegetables for containers

Some people can't wait to harvest fresh herbs like chives, parsley or thyme from the garden. But sometimes, it's better to have a wait, than to rush. Just as herbs, vegetables need time to grow. Especially with vegetables, it can be most excellent if you plant out the vegetables outside in the soil too early. Some vegetables can't handle any frost and will die. First, you have to pre-plant the vegetable plant inside, after you're sure there won't be any frosts, then it's time to plant the vegetables outside, on your balcony, in a fancy container. 

Tips for bumper container harvest every year

  1. Go large: bigger pots are better, as the more your veg can spread their roots out, the happier they'll be. There's a range of large pots in our garden centre.

  2. Mix and match: don't be afraid to grow several types of veg in the same pot. Plant quick-growing carrots around great spinach, for example, to double your harvest.

  3. Water, water, water: never let containers go dry: it's a recipe for bolting lettuces, drooping spinach and poor fruiting—water daily in summer, adding liquid feed once a week.

  4. Use your walls: troughs alongside fences and walls, hold climbing beans and give you twice the space to play with. Nail trellis to the wall for support.

  5. Choose the right varieties: veg with shallower roots, like beetroot, do best; or try varieties bred specially for pots. Look for 'patio', 'dwarf' or 'container' on seed packets in our garden centre.

Get vegetables for containers at Trowbridge

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information and advice about growing vegetables in containers. For more information, call us on 01225 763927 more send us an e-mail [email protected]

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