Pond problems

Ponds are, without question, a beautiful addition to your garden. They are easy to clean and, generally, do not need too much attention. However, sometimes problems may occur. There are multiple aspects that cause pond problems, all of which ask for different solutions. But we are here to put your heart at ease. Trowbridge Center is here to help you solve any problems your pond may be facing.

Common pond problems

Your pond is looking beautiful, its natural ecosystem is thriving and wildlife is living contently. Your pond, however, seems to be having some issues. Do not worry, although problems do not arise often and may seem challenging at first, most of the time pond problems are common occurrences and can be solved rather easily. To make pond problems easier for our customers to recognise, we have created a list of the most common pond problems and how to solve them. 

  • Green water
  • Blanket weed and duckweed
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Winter freezing

Green water problems

If your pond water turns green, chances are that your pond is having algae problems or increased nutrient levels. To resolve this problem, make sure that there is no fertiliser blending in with your pond water. You can add surface-shading plants like waterlilies or adding a pond treatment like Barley Straw. Both of which are available at Trowbridge Garden Center. 


Blanket weed and duckweed problems

Blanket weed and duckweed grow rapidly in over-rich water and sunlight, leaving your beautiful pond looking like its not well taken care of. To get rid of these troublesome weeds, you can use pond nets or twirl the weed around canes to pull them out of your pond. To assure the weeds do not re-occur, stock up on some beautiful pond plants from our garden center.

Lack of oxygen and winter freezing problems

You may walk out into your garden one morning and find your fishes gasping for air at the surface. This occurrence means that your pond is suffering from a lack of oxygen. Enhance the living environment for your wildlife by purchasing some oxygenating plants. Does your pond feature a pump and fountain? If not, consider investing in one to aerate the water in your pond. Your wildlife will never be gasping for air again!

A lack of oxygen may also be caused by winter freezing. Winter freezing obstructs oxygen from getting into your pond, putting your beloved wildlife at risk. Although breaking the ice atop the surface may seem like the obvious solution, breaking ice shocks fish. Therefore, melt a hole in the ice to ensure your fish won't be disturbed. 


Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre for advise on pond problems

If you find yourself having trouble solving pond problems and need advice, come and visit Trowbridge Garden Centre to get some professional advice. Our experienced employees are always there to help. In our garden centre you can find all the products you need to solve common pond problems. We hope to welcome you at our Garden Centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire. 

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