Building a pond

How to build a pond in your garden? At Trowbridge, we have all it takes to build a pond. Think of digging the hole, removing stones, install the liner and filling the pond with water. Everything you need to build a pond, you will find it at Trowbridge garden center in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. You can add water features to your garden whatever the size is. From small container ponds to rigid moulded liners or flexible butyl liner for a pond in whatever shape you want. You'll find all supplies in our garden centre. Follow our five steps guide on how to install your pond safely and successfully.

Before you build a pond

First of all, you have to decide where in the garden the pond will come. To make sure you won't regret building a pond in your garden, visit family or friends who have a pond and ask them what they like and dislike at their pond. You have to think about the size of the pond. The bigger the pond, the more work and time it takes to build, but the more fun you will have. If you decided where and how big the pond will be, read our tips on how to build a pond. If you have any questions, please visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. We have plenty of enthusiastic staff members that are always happy to help you. Please, contact us if you have questions about building a pond. 

Building a pond - Trowbridge

Tips on how to build a pond

1: Dig a hole to the size you want it. A depth of 75cm is common for most ponds. Don't cut corners by digging not deep enough, you'll regret it later. Cut shelves into the sides for planting (if using a rigid liner, follow its contours). Plants along the edge of the pond make the pond look natural and charming. Besides that, pond animals love plants in the water. Ever thought of the popular water lilies? Visit our garden centre for water plants and special pond plants like water lilies. 

2: Remove stones and any debris sticking out of the ground which might puncture your liner. Be careful you don't interrupt your liner, make sure the pond won't get too big or gets weird corners that stick out. Don't throw the soil and stones away, maybe you can make a natural wall of stones or sand in the garden. Get creative with sand and stones. 

3: Line the hole with a thick 5cm layer of sand so your liner sits on a smooth surface. Old carpet works well for this, too. This way, the pond will get its shape. Make sure you make the layer of sand as equal you can get on every corner in the pond. 

4: Install the liner: unfold butyl completely before working it into place, keeping creases to a minimum. Rigid liners must be completely levelled: adjust as necessary, then back-fill around the edges with more sand. 

5: Fill with water. We advise to not use water from the tap, because of the chemicals. It's better to use rainwater from water butts, if possible. So if you read this and you want to build a pond, start collecting water in a rain barrel to save water for your pond. Tap water chemicals are damaging to the water plants and the wildlife in the pond, like pond animals like frogs. lf you have to use tap water, let it stand for a few days before introducing fish. Fish will eventually accept the tap water. If you have any questions about building a pond, please visit our garden centre. Our staff members are always willing to help you. 

Building a pond - Trowbridge garden centre

Advice with building a pond

Before you start digging a hole in the ground, make a design of how you want the pond to look like. Keep this in mind while digging a hole and stick to plan. At Trowbridge, you'll find everything to build a pond. From shovels to rakes, to buckets and canvas, fish and fish food. Please visit us in Trowbridge-Wiltshire to discover our pond section. The pond sections include garden tools, fish and information on how to build a pond in your garden. Before you start, come by and check out our wide assortment.

Build a pond Trowbridge

We know how exciting it can be to build your own pond in the garden. Ponds bring nature, animals and wildlife to your garden. Ponds ask for high maintenance, but the return on investment is much higher than you would have expected on forehand. Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about building ponds. We look forward to your visit. It's safe to visit the Trowbridge garden centre. We respect the corona rules and ask you to keep two metres distance from each other and our staff members.

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