A pond is a jewel in your garden that you can enjoy every day. Water in the garden is a magical thing, bringing the landscape to life with movement, light and sound. Logical that many people would like to build a pond in their garden. Ponds are vibrantly alive, whether it's burgeoning waterlilies or the flash of a goldfish, blue dragonflies humming overhead or a bird dropping in for a drink and a splash. Please contact our staff for more information and advice about our ponds. Check also our other pond pages to get more information: building a pond, planting your pond and pond problems

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Assortment ponds

We offer a wide range of everything you need for your pond, or the construction of it. Add a watery dimension to your garden with some of the types of pond you can build from materials found in our garden centre.

  • Formal ponds in geometric shapes add cool sophistication to any garden. They can be raised or at ground level: add fish and carefully-judged plants to set the scene.
  • Informal ponds can be any shape you like: you'll find irregularly-shaped rigid liners or butyl liner for your own design in our garden centre. Disguise the edges with plants and cobbles for a natural look.
  • Water features are ideal for smaller gardens: we stock several designs from bubble fountains and wall-mounted spouts to modern steel cascades.
  • Wildlife ponds are informal ponds with features to attract more wildlife, such as pebble 'beaches' for easier access, plenty of plants and stone piles for frogs and toads to use as hidey-hole.

Besides ponds, we also offer a lot of other products as container plantsbulbs and climbers.

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Pond Ecosystems

You can add water features to your garden whatever it's size. From small container ponds to rigid moulded liners or flexible butyl liner for a pond in whatever shape you want – you'll find them all in our garden centre. Follow our five steps to install your pond safely and successfully.

  1. Dig your hole to the size you want it. A depth of 75cm is plenty for most ponds: cut shelves into the sides for planting (if using a rigid liner, follow its contours).
  2. Remove stones and any debris sticking out of the ground which might puncture your liner.
  3. Line the hole with a thick 5cm layer of sand so your liner sits on a smooth surface. Old carpet works well, too.
  4. Install the liner: unfold butyl completely before working it into place, keeping creases to a minimum. Rigid liners must be completely level: adjust as necessary, then back-fill round the edges with more sand.
  5. Fill with water using rainwater from your water butts if possible to avoid tap water chemicals. If you have to use tap water, let it stand for a few days before introducing fish.

Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about building ponds. Check also our pages: building a pond, planting your pond and pond problems

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Get your pond at Trowbridge Garden Centre

Are you already enthusiastic about the idea of a pond in your garden? We would love to help you realize your dream pond! Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information and advice about ponds in the garden. You can find our location and opening hours on the contact page

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