Winter perennials

We want to show you how to create a colourful winter display with winter perennials. Just when you thought all colourful perennials were faded away, we show you some bright plats that keep your beddings and borders attractive during the colder months. Perennials play an exuberant starring role in vibrant summer displays – but you may be surprised to know there are many which perform well into winter. In our garden centre we've got plenty of perennials to bring colour to the garden through even the coldest months: here are five of our favourites.

Winter perennials for a stunning view

In our garden centre, we are fond of inspiring you with everything that is possible in the garden. Flashing colours during spring, bright garden plants in summer, and warm colours in autumn and winter, that's what we want to create in your garden. We show you what kind of plants are suitable for autumn and winter. Some garden plants are evergreen and keep their vibrant foliage all winter long. Some garden plants have amazing berries, plumes, or seedheads during winter. A winter image of garden plants topped with a layer of snow looks fantastic. Want to create a Winter Wonderland in your garden? Read our top 5 winter perennials. 

Top 5 winter perennials

  • Bergenia are also known as elephants' ears: big, broad, leathery leaves turn shades of red and purple in autumn and stay evergreen all winter. Fat flower spires top the display in spring.

  • Heuchera foliage comes in every colour from lime green to deep purple: they have pretty flower spires in summer but in winter make bright splash of welcome colour.

Winter perennials - Trowbridge

  • Hellebores are among our best-loved winter flowers: Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) flowers in December while H. orientalis starts in early spring. The handsome leaves are evergreen, too.

  • Cuckoo pint (Arum italicum) reverses the seasons, dying down in summer but returning in autumn with handsome marbled leaves and spikes of red berries.

  • Phlomis russeliana is one of many perennials which holds architectural seedheads into winter, contrasting well with the equally sculptural winter remains of grass flowerheads.

Winter perennials - Trowbridge

Winter bedding plants

As the temperatures cool and daylight hours shorten, all garden plants and flowers start to fade. Many plants go into dormancy and herbaceous plants lose their foliage before the frost kicks in. We introduce you to some garden plants that are evergreen and make your winter garden more interesting. Choose your favourite look and create a mysterious winter bedding. You can either choose to plant winter flowers or choose for garden plants that have amazing foliage. Ask our staff at the garden centre for advice and let us inspire you wit hall that’s possible in the winter garden. Want to know what plants are popular this winter? Please visit our garden centre in Wiltshire and discover our offer.

Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre for winter perennials

Excited to fill your garden with winter perennials? We can’t wait to show you our winter offer. Our fantastic team has put so many efforts in our winter display, that you have to come to visit our garden centre to check it out. Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about perennials that look good in winter. Do you have any questions? Please contact us on 01225 763927.

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