Designing with perennials

Perennials are ideal if you want to design a natural painting in the garden. Perennials return year after year, so if you plant wisely, you can enjoy as many colours as you want. Being an artist is also possible in the garden. Gardeners are natural artists. And you can become a natural artist too if you start designing with perennials. If a garden was a picture, trees and shrubs would make the frame,  the paint would be colourful perennials, bringing the whole thing to life with colour and movement. Think of this image in your garden. At Trowbridge, we have the best tips and plants to create a dazzling display. 

Guide to make a designer perennial site

Here are our top tips for picking combinations from the fantastic choice of perennials in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire to make your garden a work of art.

  • Design in triangles to avoid a 'blobby' effect. Combine tall verticals – say, foxgloves - with hummocky shapes like geraniums and low-growing horizontal ground cover.
  • Contrast shapes to bring out the best in your plants. Look for opposites: strappy-leaved daylilies with broad-leaved heucheras, or upright, airy grasses with daisy flowered rudbeckia.
  • Use repetition to pull your design together. Several bold clumps of the same variety of helenium at strategic points, for example, make the garden feel whole.
  • Manage colour to create the mood you want. Zingy reds and oranges with clashing blues and purples are exciting, whereas similar shades together calm things down.
  • Plant in groups or drifts for real impact. Odd numbers work best: three is a minimum but you can go up to nine, eleven or fifteen plants at a time for a real wow factor.

Follow these easy steps and keep them in mind if you start designing your piece of art. If you follow these tips, we guarantee your garden will look stunning.

Designing with perennials - Trowbridge

Combine small and tall flowers

Choose wisely, and combine small and tall flowers. Place small, low-growing perennials in the front. Follow them with, for example, geraniums, fuchsia, and place the tall flowers, as Hollyhocks, Joe-Pye weed and Elecampane. These tall fellows will rise above the lower-growing perennials. Of course, you can also plant trees and shrubs to create a piece of art. At Trowbridge, you find loads of different perennials to fill your garden. Combine early-bloomers with late bloomers and search for the perfect colour blend to make it a true life work.  Put effort in the garden and you will enjoy colour and scent.

Designing with perennials - Trowbridge

Buy perennials at Trowbridge

Near Bath, you find our complete garden centre. Come over for perennials, but you also find annuals, trees and shrubs, climbers, roses, and many other garden plants to fill your garden. Start designing and become a natural artist. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden centre. Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about designing with perennials. Plan your route to our garden centre on the contact page. Do you have any questions? Call us on 01225 763927.

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