The Chelsea Chop

Keeping a display going from May to September is usually a tricky juggling act involving the careful choice of plants to flower one after the other, and luck. At Trowbridge we have all lkinds of perennials to keep you and your garden busy all summer long. You don't need green fingers to maintain a dazzling display of perennials. You just need to plant the perennials in a good spot and need to know how and when to start pruning and working in the garden. Visit our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire to view the latest trends in perennials and how to copy the last Chelsea Flower Show displays. 

How to create a Chelsea Flower Show perennial?

You can make things easier by simply controlling when your perennials flower, using a trick known as the 'Chelsea chop' – because you do it when the Chelsea Flower Show is on, around the end of May. This famous flower show in Chelsea shows you the latest trends in garden plants, garden furniture, home trends and many more to make your dream home and garden.

Cut border plants

So, just hold on to the Chelsea Chop and start pruning, cutting and chopping at the end of May. This works well with lots of perennials, and you'll find most of them in our garden centre. They include daisies: dyer's chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria), echinacea and helenium; and many cottage garden favourites like Phlox paniculata, sedums and goldenrod (Solidago). At the end of May, use secateurs (found in our garden centre) to cut back every stem by a third to a half. It seems brutal, but all you're doing is delaying flowering for a while. Cut back some clumps and not others, and some flower at the normal time with a second display arriving a few weeks later.

Chelsea Chop - perennials - Trowbridge

Grow your perennials

You'll find plants grow sturdier and less leggy – so you don't need to stake them: you get double the flower power, too. So get chopping!

Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about using the Chelsea chop to delay flowering.

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