Container displays to last

In many ways, gardening in containers is no different to any other kind: to keep that spectacular display going, you need a few tricks up your sleeve. If you wonder how to keep you indoors and even outdoors colourful and nice to look at, make sure you fill your containers with the right plants. All-year-round you should fill your containers with plants, flowering or foliage. A stunning display makes your living look pretty and fresh bulbs spread a lovely smell during spring. Every season has its own plants to display in containers. Want to know which plants you should plant in a container during all seasons? Follow our top tips to keep your containers fresh and inspiring all-year-round:

Plant for every season

In springtime at Trowbridge we have beautiful pots with flowering bulbs. Think of Hyacinths, Narcissus, and Tulips. But these pots of spring bulbs are over by May, so you should have fresh containers in the wings ready to take over. Dazzling summer bedding plants, on offer in our garden centre, take you into autumn, when brilliantly-coloured acers followed by winter pansies and red dogwood stems see the season out. As you can see, for every season, we offer multiple plants for your containers. Select your plants by colour and height for example if you want a wonderful display. Combine different heights of flower bulbs with each other to create a stunning display.

Vegetables - Trowbridghe

Plant successionally

If you plant you vegs in containers, they grow best sown in threes. One container ready to pick, one growing up ready to take over, and the third just sown keep you picking without pause: this technique works for baby salad leaves, carrots, peas and beetroot. Become a gardener and a farmer at ones and grow your own veggies in your garden. Make sure you plant the right vegs the right season. If you want to grow lettuce, it takes less time than to grow carrots. Carrots need bigger containers than lettuce, so think of the size of the container before you plant the vegetables.

Flowering bulbs - Trowbridge

Look after your plants

Plants grown in pots need watering every day in summer – but don't want to be drown in winter. During colder seasons, the photosynthesis process of plants goes slower than the summer period. Just like humans! You can use automatic dripper systems, available in our garden centre, do the job for you. Add slow-release fertiliser such as Osmocote granules to the compost or liquid feed weekly, and remove dead blooms to keep the flowers coming. If you remove dead flowers, and cut them off wisely, big chance one week after there are grown fresh blooms again. 

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information and advice about keeping your container displays lasting for longer. Come visit our garden centre near Brighton to find out which plants make your display stunning. And become a farmer and gardener by keeping your garden colourful and fresh of new plants.

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