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Have you already experimented with container plants? Growing your plants in containers opens up a whole new world in which you can experiment with different combinations, ring the changes or totally overhaul your planting at the drop of a hat. A huge variety of plants from our garden centre grow happily in containers, giving you potted colour from January to December.

Container plants seasons

For a plant, life in a container is much different than one in the ground. Containers can provide excellent drainage, but the plants depend on you for water and nutrients. Containers offer you great versatility, and are a fantastic way to experiment with planting and design. Growing your favourite plants in containers is the perfect way to add shape, colour and texture to your garden, patio or decking. They're also a great way to stop rambling plants from overgrowing, and they're ideal for small spaces like balconies or courtyards. Here we provide suggestions for plants which to grow when: 

  • Spring: Tulips arrive in our garden centre from autumn: pack shoulder-to-shoulder into large containers for a cracking display. Other spring bulbs to try in pots include crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops.
  • Summer: fill your containers to overflowing with dazzling bedding plants - in our garden centre from spring onwards. A container-grown veg is a great option when space is limited: we stock plug plants to make planting even more straightforward.
  • Autumn: many shrubs look beautiful framed in a large container, and many have spectacular autumn displays. In our garden centre look out for graceful deep purple acres, brilliantly berried skimmia, and pretty variegated hollies.
  • Winter: combine heathers chosen from the range in our garden centre with white-berried gaultherias or red-twigged dogwood and the large, leathery evergreen leaves of bergenia for winter cheer just outside your door.

Read the personal labels of the plant to be sure your chosen spot offers the right light and temperature conditions for the plants. 


Container plants | Trowbridge Garden Centre

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Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about plants for containers. We also offer a lot of different houseplants to bright up your home. Please check out our contact page for our location and opening hours. 


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