Growing grapevines

Want to create a romantic garden? Growing a grapevine is a fun thing to do and show a wonderful site in summer, including fresh harvest. Grapevines make wonderful climbers scramble over a wall or clothe a shed in green. In our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire, you'll find varieties for sweet dessert grapes straight off the vine, and others for making deliciously fruity wine, and just grapevines for the beautiful view. Growing a grapevine outside in the garden isn't difficult: the staff in the garden centre loves to give you advice about growing grapes in the garden. To start collecting information about growing grapevines, here's how.

Romantic grapevine in garden - Trowbridge

How to grow a grapevine?

Planting a grapevine isn't difficult, you just need to know which steps to follow. At Trowbridge garden centre we have a wide range of grapevines that will beautifully grow a natural roof in the garden. Follow these steps:

  1. Planting: dig plenty of organic matter into the soil, as grapevines are vigorous plants. Plant 15 cm from the wall, to avoid the dry area at the base and tie in loosely to a stake. Backfill, adding a handful of slow-release fertiliser, and water in well.
  2. Pruning: grapes are pruned in December, when they're dormant, as they 'bleed' sap if pruned in summer. Leave your vine to grow for a year or two, then choose one shoot to train as the leader and snip back side shoots to five or six leaves to encourage plenty of fruit.
  3. Problems: powdery mildew covers leaves and fruit with a white, dusty coating and is most common when grapes go short of water. Prevent it by keeping your grape well watered and mulching the ground thickly to lock water into the soil, and look out for resistant varieties like 'Phoenix'.

Growing grapevines - Trowbridge

How to grow grapes UK?

Want to find out everything about how to grow grapes in the UK? Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about growing grapevines. Plan your route to our garden centre at our contact page.

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