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If you are fan of climbers, wait until you see these edible climbers. Right when you thought you've seen it all, we show you, edible climbers, at Trowbridge garden centre. Besides beautiful flowers, these climbers produce fruit. Depends on the sort, you can harvest fresh fruit from your own garden. Most edible climbers propagate easily and establish themselves quickly. When space is tight, you'll want to use every inch you can to grow crops. And when you've run out of room on the ground, sometimes the only way is up. Vertical gardening is a famous trend in the last years, at Trowbridge, we show you how you can provide this trend in your garden or balcony.

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Edible climbers do everything ornamental plants do: lush foliage, show spectacular flowers, and often transform into good autumn colours. Edible climbers do all this, but with the added bonus of a generous harvest. Enjoy fresh kiwi's, juicy apples and lovely pears right from your garden. You can plant fruit climbers in containers on the balcony or directly in well-drained soil. Just make sure you place the climbers n a sunny spot. The more sun, the more flowers. Here's a selection of the best from the range in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire.

Edible climbers - Trowbridge

Fruit climbers

Can you resist the wait harvesting juicy fruit from your garden? Fruit climbers first bloom beautifully and later grow fruit. Make a smoothie bowl with fresh-picked apples and bake an apple pie from grandmothers recipe like you never tasted before. These are Trowbridge Garden Centre's favourite fruit climbers, available from March in the garden centre.

  • Runner beans are straightforward to grow and incredibly generous, producing several pounds of long beans from every plant. 'Painted Lady' has bicoloured red-and-white flowers.
  • Loganberries are loose-stemmed shrubs, easily trained against a fence. The sweet, juicy berries look like oversized raspberries.
  • Grapevines drip with fruit when trained over arches: 'Boskoop Glory' has sweet, smoky purple dessert grapes, and its leaves turn brilliant scarlet in autumn.
  • Lablab beans are a recent arrival but are fast catching on for their handsome purple leaves and plum- coloured beans: sow from seed in May in a sunny spot.
  • Kiwi fruit is very hardy, despite their exotic-looking fruit with brown fuzzy skins and succulent bright green flesh. Choose a self-fertile variety like 'Jenny' or 'Solo'.

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Want to enjoy fresh-picked fruit from the garden this year? Want to find out more about fruit? Or want to plant fruit in a container on the balcony? Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about growing edible climbers. Plan your route to the garden centre on our contact page.

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