If you want more green in your garden, you should buy a climber! When you've crammed every inch of space on the ground with plants, the only way is up. Clothe your walls in greenery and smother your sheds in flowers to double your planting space and turn your garden into a green sanctuary from the outside world in sunny Trowbridge-Wiltshire. At Trowbridge garden centre we have all kinds of climbers to cover your walls, fences or whatever you want to cover. Please ask our staff in the garden centre for advice, and they will help you find the right climber for your garden or balcony.

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Favourite climbers

Climbers are one of the most versatile groups of plants in our garden centre, and we've got an excellent selection for you to choose from. Here are our favourites: 
  • Clematis come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny starry flowers of 'Pixie' to prominent, blowsy 'Rouge Cardinal'. Winter-flowering clematis has pretty seedheads while Clematis Montana is a froth of flowers in April.
  • Wisteria is the ultimate in show-off climbers with its head-turning racemes of headily scented flowers in early summer.
  • Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) covers the uprights of pergolas and arches with glossy evergreen leaves and scented white flowers and never outstays its welcome.
  • Honeysuckles are the perfect backdrop to a cottage garden, smothered in tubular flowers all summer and filling the garden with scent and punch-drunk bumblebees.
  • Passionflowers are far hardier than they look, especially the stop-you-in-your-tracks purple fringed whirligigs of Passiflora caerulea.

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Support for climbing plants

The characteristic of climbers is that they need assistance to grow up. This can, for example, consist of a fence, wire structure or concrete mesh, as long as the climbing plants have grip. In most cases, the plants will climb up by locking or tightening themselves. Find this list of tips below on how to make your climber reach for the stars:

  1. Select your spot If you want to cheer up a bare wall or other surfaces, it doesn't need to have earth at the base. Many climbers grow successfully from a pot!

  2. Decide what kind of support your climber needs Some need horizontal support, others require vertical support, and some need no support at all. 

  3. Tendrils will hug your plant and never let go Tendrils get their name from their slender, wiry growths that extend about an inch from the stems and curl when they encounter support. 

  4. Trellis holds your climber from wind and falling over Never skimp on a trellis; you will regret this.

  5. Dig a hole At least 30cm (1 ft) away from the wall or fence. Otherwise, the plant will be in the rain or shadow, what causes struggle.

  6. Mix in compost Give your climber the food and care it needs. To reach for the stars, they need fertiliser full of nutrients. 

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Buy your climber

Are you already dreaming of climbers in your garden? Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre and find the climbers you are looking for! Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge - Wiltshire garden centre for more information and advice about using herbs. We also offer a lot of other products like bulbsannualsperennials and more. You can find our location and opening hours at our contact page.

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