Saving water

Saving water is really important, especially when the days are getting warmer and the chance of rain reduces. Gardeners and farmers deal with a lack of water to provide flowers, vegetables and other plants with enough water. That's why it's extra important to prepare your garden or greenhouse on drought. Drought is a fact of life these days in summer, and for the gardener that's a double whammy: water restrictions at a time when your plants are at their thirties. Trowbridge garden centre in Poynings has plenty of reasons to save water and reuse it in a sustainable way. Sustainability it a bigger issue these days and we want to take part in this revolution. 

Plan to save water

There's no need to get caught short though: with forward planning you can save rainwater at times when there's a bit too much, to use when there's not quite enough. If your water supply is metered you'll also save money by using the free stuff that comes from the sky instead. Using a water butt, water buckets or water barrels helps you save water in rainy periods and use water in drier periods, like summer. Choose a place under the downspout to catch as much water as possible. Use a water butt in the garden to store water, close the barrel with a lid to prevent waste and unwelcome guests like animals.

Save water with water barrels - Trowbridge

Modern water butts

Water butts connected in to a downpipe save rainwater from the roof of the house, shed, or greenhouse. We've got a wide variety of all sizes, shapes and colours in our garden centre, so take your pick. Buy the largest one you have room for, and link multiple water butts together with connector kits. Or choose small water butts just to store enough water to water your balcony plants in summer. A water butt is an investment you will benefit from for a long time. Our staff is happy to show you the newest models, the best small water butts and the modern designs that are available in our garden centre. Do you have any questions? Please ask our employees for advice. 

Modern water butts - Trowbridge

Use water wisely

Use what water you have wisely: only water young plants and seedlings, containers and really thirsty plants like courgettes and pumpkins. You can avoid watering altogether if you garden with drought-tolerant plants. Garden plants, like perennials with silvery leaves, often manage well with no water at all, and they include some beautiful and classy plants such as lavender, artemisia and olives. These garden plants survive with a minimum amount of water. In rough times, like drought, choose which plants you water and which plants can survive another day without water. If you are unsure about which plants you can leave unwatered for another day and which plants you definitely can't skip, we advise you to ring our staff; they know everything about waterwise gardening. 

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information about measures you can take to save water in the garden.

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