Watering cans

Your trusty watering can is such an everyday piece of equipment around the garden that you'd be forgiven for taking it for granted. The right watering can helps you watering garden plants, houseplants, seeds and flower bulbs. There are many different watering cans that make it possible to water the right way. But it's precise because it's used so often, and for so many different watering tasks in the garden, that your choice of the watering can is so crucial. At Trowbridge garden centre, we have many varieties in stock. Choose from plastic, metal or steel watering cans. We have plenty of different colours, shapes and styles watering cans. From modern styles to classic models, whatever you search for, we have the right watering can for you. 

Seedling watering can

Watering fragile little seedlings, only just emerged from the earth, is a job for an equally delicate watering can. In our garden centre, we have seedling watering cans which carry about one litre of water, with long, slender spouts – perfect for trickling in between tiny stems. They're just the right size for houseplants, too. These watering cans are perfect for seedlings, and houseplants, but are less efficient when it comes to water shrubs. Small surfaces are ideal with a delicate watering can. Choose from our wide range of delicate water cans, ask our staff for help, if you need any. 

Seedling watering can - Trowbridge

Outdoor watering cans

Outdoor watering cans come in many different sizes. Five-litre cans are a good general-purpose size, but where you're doing a lot of watering a ten-litre can last longer between refills. Choose large watering cans, made from plastic, which makes the watering cans lightweight. Or choose the more classical, elegant copper watering cans with the wide rose and slender spout. You can leave outdoor watering cans outside, without the cans fade colour or lose quantity. 

Watering can rose - Trowbridge

Water can rose

A rose attached on a watering can helps you gently add water to garden plants. The attachment on the top of the spout is called a rose. A detachable rose helps you choose between gently sprinkling smaller plants, or directing a jet of water at their feet. A detachable rose makes it possible to switch between the amount of water that comes out of the spout. Sometimes, it's better to gently add water than to pour too much water at one time. There's a great choice of different designs in our garden centre, from practical lightweight plastic in a variety of colours, to traditional galvanised metal cans which look beautiful and last forever, too. Choose your favourite and add the rose to the spout of your watering can. If you need help finding the right rose, bring your watering can to the garden centre, so you can find the exact right one that fits. 

Buy watering cans at Trowbridge garden centre

To provide your garden plants, house plants and seedlings with the right amount of water, the use of a watering can is very useful. Without a watering can, watering plants becomes messy and less precise. Watering cans are one of the most used garden tools that are often undervalued. Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information about choosing the watering can that's right for you.

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