Automatic watering

If you want to unstress yourself with watering chores, choose automatic watering systems. There are times when you just can't be there for your plants. When you're on holiday, or if you're out at work all day, you'll need alternative arrangements so they don't go short of water - especially in a hot, dry spell. It's important to keep your garden plants watered, especially during summer. For these situations, there are automatic watering systems. These automated systems water garden plants at the right time with the right amount. Shop automatic watering systems in our garden centre in Wiltshire. 

Automatic plant waterer

Automatic watering systems take the stress out of looking after your plants, so you can leave them happy in the knowledge their needs will be met. We have all kinds of automatic system in our garden centre in Poynings. Some of our systems have a built-in timer. The timer makes it possible to install when and how much water the systems provide. This way, you will never miss a chance on watering garden plants and forgetting to water. You will enjoy your garden more because you don't have to bother when and how much water you have to give. The automatic plant waterer fulfils the watering chores and will become your best friend during summer. Watch your plants glow and grow. 

Automatic water system - Trowbridge

Automatic watering in greenhouses

If you need to water more than just your own garden or border, it could be handy to buy yourself a largely automated watering system. At Trowbridge, we have plenty of options to keep your garden plants humid. There are systems to suit every set-up and every budget. So, even if you don't want to spend thousands of pounds, you can even water the greenhouse in an efficient way. If you don't have mains water available, gravity fed kits feed water from your water butt through leaky hoses or drippers. Pod systems keep containers going nicely, with an individual dripper for each pot keeping up to ten containers watered without you lifting a finger – they work brilliantly in greenhouses, too.

Agriculture automatic watering systems

For larger areas outside, like agriculture, lay a leaky hose around your plants and connect it to the tap via a battery-powered timer. You can set the timer to water at certain times of day, and for a set length of time, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy your garden at its best. Large areas are intensive to water each day, automatic watering systems unburden and cause spare time for other things, like pruning, composting and other garden tasks. Because despite watering, garden plants require more maintenance. If you have any questions about automatic watering systems, please ask our staff at the garden centre to help you. They will advise you on which brand, what timer and more need-to-knows before you buy. 

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Trowbridge - Wiltshire for more information about which automatic watering system is right for you. Check the opening hours and plan your route to our centre in Poynings on the contact page.

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