Plants Bath

For the biggest variety of plants in Bath you do not have to go from one place to another as at Trowbridge Garden Centre you will find practically whatever plant you might want. From annual plants to houseplants, and container plants, you will find them all at the best prices in Bath.

Finding the Best Plants in Bath Can be Tricky

The variety of plants Bath homeowners and garden lovers can find at the Trowbridge Garden Centre is not only diversified but also comprehensive. In fact, we do our best to restock any plants that are sold out or out of stock, in an attempt to serve you in all your plant needs.

Annuals are very popular plants Bath, as they flower for a long time and often do not require much care. There are hardy annuals such as the Nasturtiums, the Ladybird Poppies and the Ammi Majus, as well as half-hardy annuals, including the Nemesia, the Zinnias, and the Swan River Daisy. Perennials are also available aplenty at Trowbridge Garden Centre.

plants bath plants bath plants bath

Let's talk about Plants Bath!

Many people in Bath would love to have a garden, but since they live in an apartment, they cannot have such pleasure. Yet they can still put their green fingers to good use with houseplants. At the Trowbridge Garden Centre, you will find a huge range of houseplants. From colourful cacti to ferns and palms, you will be spoiled for choice. Apart from these, you will love the delicate flowers in all the colours of the rainbow.

The Plants from Trowbridge Garden Centre in Bath

There are plenty of container plants ideal for any season to choose from too. Crocuses, tulips, snowdrops, daffodils and many bedding plants can be found at the Trowbridge Garden Centre. Simplify your shopping for plants in Bath – head to the Trowbridge Garden Centre for the widest and best choice of plants ever!

You can visit us today to find all your plants Bath, and any other greenery needs!

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