Colourful garden plants during winter

The weather is wet and cold. Winter is coming, that means plants have lost their colours and maybe even some of them already died. Well, there is a way to make your garden look even colourful during winter. Want to figure out how? Find the list of three colourful, blooming garden plants in winter. If you plant these green buddies by now, your garden will not look sombre during frost. 

Top 3 colourful garden plants for the winter

  • 1. Winter Heath

Winterheide - Trowbridge Garden Centre

The flowers of winter heather are a real eye-catcher when it comes to making your winter garden glow. The flowers of winter heath come in various shades of purple and pink and are also available in pure white. You can plant this winter flowering plant both in a pot or soil. The plant grows to a height of around 30 cm and enjoys a (winter)sunny spot. Get your winter heath now at Trowbridge Garden Centre and bring colour to your garden or balcony!

  • 2. Helleborus

Helleborus - Trowbridge Garden Centre

The Helleborus is also known as "Christmas rose." This is because these beautiful flowers appear around Christmas. This strong plant easily overwinters during freezing cold because the Helleborus temporarily removes the moisture from the flowers and then transports the water back again when it is warmer. This way the Christmas rose keeps its beautiful colours all winter long. Do you also want beautiful Christmas colours in your garden? Buy the Helleborus at Trowbridge Garden Centre.

  • 3. Winter Violas

Winterviooltjes - Garden Centre

You thought you could only enjoy beautiful coloured violets during spring and summer? Well, think again. You can also enjoy the infinitely beautiful winter colours of violets during the winter! If it's freezing outside, they might hang their heads for a moment, but don't panic. When the sun comes out again, the winter violets show their cheerful, colourful flowers again. Plant the winter violets together in a container or plant them in soil. There are many types of winter violets, from cosy yellow to beautiful purple and virgin white. Come and visit our garden centre in Wiltshire and choose your own winter violets!

Enjoy your garden also during winter

Have you already selected a favourite winter flowering plant or is your ideal garden plant not on this list? No problem, come and visit our garden centre in Wiltshire and explore our wide range of winter garden plants. Our employees are always willing to find the right garden plant for you. Together we will survive the winter!