Plants for autumn

Plants for autumn

There are a whole suite of plants that hold on to their new leaves for a long time and color up late in the fall. This adds to the late fall and early winter interest in the garden. One of these plants, is the Oakleaf Hydrangea – Hydrangea quercifolia. This plant has a beautiful fall color like yellow, orange, purples and reds. This is a wonderful plant which colors you can enjoy for a long time. Visit Trowbridge Garden Centre and take a look at our garden plants. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Different kind of plants

Another aspect for late fall and winter interest are berries on plants. Like the Purple Beautyberry. These berries are indicative of the species, they have a deep purple color. This is a fantastic plant for the late fall and also has a wonderful flower in mid-June to early July.

Another great plant for late fall color is the Virginia Sweetspire, a native shrub. Some of them can be quite small, three of four feet tall. This plant has a wonderful fall color, deep garnet and has a lovely fragrant white flower in mid-summer.

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Fall planting

One of the questions we get from our customers this time of the year is what can I still plant? The answer to that question is you can still just plant about anything and that you can plant as long as you can dig a hole in the ground. The most traditional thing that you see this time of the year are the Garden Mums a lot of people don’t realize that these are perennial and they will come back every year, even if you put it in the ground at this point in the season.

Perennials in fall

Perennials are always a great option and there are a lot that are still blooming and definitely still have value in the landscape. You can also put them in a container if you are just doing a container garden or put them right into the ground if you can dig a hole, you can plant a plant. One lovely perennial is the Coreopsis. This one comes in so many different varieties. Another one is the Sedums with beautiful purple fall colors.

Get your plants at Trowbridge Garden Centre

We hope we have encouraged you to get outside and keep working in your garden. It is not too late and you can still enjoy that fall season, and your patio is going to be so much more relaxing! We hope to see you soon at Trowbridge Garden Centre!

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