Colourful winter garden plants

When the temperature drops below freezing, the garden becomes less colourful. Deciduous shrubs and trees have dropped their leaves, and most flowers have faded. Lucky enough, there's enough choice to add colour to your winter garden. Here are our top 10 best garden plants for winter colour. You can visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire for our complete winter assortment and advice from our professional staff.  

Top 10 plants for winter colour

Explore our varied choice of winter garden plants. These plants can handle the cold and add bright colours to your winter garden. Visit our garden centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire and try to resist their vibrant colours and lovely texture. Do you need some extra information, or advice on how to combine winter plants, then please ask our staff workers? They're here to help you!

Best plants for winter colour - Trowbridge Garden Centre

1. Hellebores

This plant is called the Christmas rose and is one of the few winter-flowering plants that will give your garden a little extra during the cold weather. Hellebores bear large, round flowers on leathery, deep green foliage. You can choose between many varieties, from white to purple. Hellebores make a lovely Christmas gift and are perfect for growing in borders, containers and beddings.

2. Pansies

Winter pansies are available as annual bedding plants, adding bright colours to your borders, beddings, containers and flower pots. Winter pansies appear in many different types, varying in colour, shape and size. Buy winter pansies at Trowbridge Garden Centre and create a cheerful winter display.

3. Ilex

Ilex shrubs are a classic sign of winter. Its glossy, dark green, evergreen foliage combined with bright red berries look fantastic in the depths of winter weather. We have several varieties available, with the Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) being one of our favourites. This species provides an abundance of brightly coloured berries in the cold winter months, which birds adore. Buy this bird-friendly winter shrub at our garden centre in Wiltshire.

Winter garden plants - Trowbridge

4. Camellia

Queens of the winter flowers, Camellias are attractive evergreen shrubs with exquisite blooms and splendid evergreen foliage. Camellias burst into flowers when the rest of the winter garden is still dormant. The blooms vary in shades of pink to red. If you want to add some romance to your garden, Camellias are your perfect pick!

5. Cornus

This versatile garden plant is a fantastic addition to your garden for winter interest. There are many types of Cornus, better known as dogwood. We love this plant for its coloured bark, which adds long winter interest. We love dogwood because of its fragrant tiny white flowers in late spring, its purple berries that attract birds in summer, followed by golden fall foliage and bright red-orange branches in winter. Do we need to say more?

6. Sarcococca

This beauty is famous for its glossy, dark green leaves and the cute tiny white flowers that appear in winter, from February to April. This fabulous plant is also called Winter Gem, and we cannot agree more. The tiny flowers are not just cute to see; they also spread a lovely scent. This compact shrub adds year-round interest to your garden and requires little care. You can either plant this garden in containers or directly in the ground.

Winter garden plants - Trowbridge

7. Snowdrop

Probably one of the toughest winter flowers, this hardy perennial is often heralded a the first sign of spring. They continuously flower, whatever the weather, and can even push themselves through the frozen, snow-covered ground. We have an extensive range of snowdrops available, varying from purple to white bell-shaped flowers. Grow snowdrops in moist but well-drained, hummus-rich soil. They're perfect for growing under trees or shrubs.

8. Daphne

These colourful shrubs can not be missed in your winter garden. This shrub is often used in small gardens because of its compact growth and low maintenance. Daphne shrubs are available in different types, deciduous and evergreen, varying from large shrubs perfect for cottage gardens to small shrubs ideal for containers. The flowers appear in clusters of small pink-red blooms adding something romantic to your garden.

9. Winter heather

One of the best winter plants to bring colour to your garden is the winter heather. This winter-flowering heather comes in shades of white and pink, giving your garden a bright look during the dull time of winter. Winter heathers flower from February to March and will gradually spread. Did you know winter heathers are popular among bees?

10. Cyclamen

Hardy Cyclamen add something extra to your winter garden. This hardy perennial produces delicate silver-lined dark green leaves and fabulous flowers in various colours, like white, pink and purple. The flowers bloom from late winter to early spring, January to April, making them perfect for growing under trees, on the border or in containers.

Winter garden plants - Trowbridge

Buy winter garden plants at Trowbridge

Trowbridge Garden Centre offers a wide range of winter-flowering garden plants that add colour and interest to your winter garden. Visit our garden centre and ask our staff for advice. They're always willing to help!

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