How to support our national team

Our national team made it through the first round of the European Championships. We want to introduce you to a creative way to support our national team. Here's how to support our team through the rest of the European Championships. Trowbridge Garden Centre has many options to add some colour to your garden and support the team at the same time. We have a stunning range of white and red coloured summer-blooming flowers. Hopefully, we will make it through the quarter-finals. From all of us at Trowbridge, we wish our team good luck.

Trowbridge Garden Centre supports the national team

At our garden centre, we are all transformed into football supporters, as our national team has made it through the next round. The first few games were very exciting, and we’re looking forward to seeing many more fantastic games. You can either decorate your house or garden with plastic flags in red and white. It doesn’t mind how, but you have to support our team anyhow! A more sustainable way to support our national team is by planting white and red plants or flowers. At our garden centre, you find several white-coloured and red-coloured flowers that will thrive in your garden. 

Red flowers that support the national team

If you’re looking for the perfect red flowers, here’s our list with some favourites:

  1. Dahlia: one of the most versatile flowers. With dozens of varieties available, we can’t just point out one red type. Just visit our garden centre and discover all of the red varieties we have in stock. Dahlias show beautiful petal formations and some will bloom until autumn.

  2. Begonia: this flower is easy to grow and will bloom for a long time. The only thing you should do is taking out the dead flowers, leaves and stems on a regular base, to truly make the plant thrive.

  3. Azalea: this species belongs to the popular rhododendron family, and requires little care. Grow this low-maintenance azalea in acidic, well-drained soil and it will thrive all summer.

Red flowers - Trowbridge

White flowers that support the national team

If you’re looking for white flowers to support our national team, here are our favourites:

  1. Foxglove: a biennial plant that produces only foliage the first season and blooms fantastic white, long stems with bell-shaped flowers. We have different varieties available.

  2. Zinnia: a traditional flower that can’t be missed in any garden. This low-maintenance flower is easy and generous. This low-growing variety will cover your border with daisy-like flowers and will bloom all summer.

  3. Hydrangea: you almost find a hydrangea in every garden, and we totally understand why. Hydrangeas come in many varieties, from panicle hydrangeas to smooth hydrangeas and from oakleaf hydrangeas to climbing hydrangeas. We have a white pall for your garden!

White flowers - Trowbridge

Buy red and white flowers to support the national team at Trowbridge

We offer a wide range of white and red flowers that will look fantastic in your garden, and support our national team at the same time. We stock both perennial and annual flowers. Pick your favourites from our range and add a little spark to your garden. As long as our national team is still in the European Championships, we will continue offering white and red flowers. Go team, go!

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