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Are you looking for good compost near Bath? At Trowbridge Garden Centre in Petersfield, we have a wide range of garden compost. Without good soil, your garden is just like any other expanse of land. Chances are that you cannot have thriving plants if you do not see to your soil’s condition. At Trowbridge Garden Centre we can help you improve your soil with various high-quality products such as soil improvers and fertilizers, as well as a vast selection of compost. Visit our garden centre to see all our compost products. You can find our location on our contact page. 

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It's easy to find Compost in Bath, right?

In fact if you have been trying to find somewhere to buy compost in Bath, you need to look no further. At our garden centre you will be able to find multipurpose compost Bath. Such compost is ideal for potting as well as for container-grown bedding. Our range of compost in Bath is environmentally friendly since it is peat-free or peat-reduced. There is also compost with added fertilizer and specialist compost for Bath gardens. The specialist compost Bath homeowners love is especially suitable for certain plants. If you are not sure which type of compost is best for you, specialist compost can be recommended by our sales assistants in the garden centre. There are also compost varieties for permanent container planting and sowing. If you are also looking for nice garden plants, you can take a look on our outdoor plants page. 

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The Compost Bath locals can vouch for

Sometimes fertilisers and soil improvers may be needed, and our experienced sales assistants will advise you according to your soil’s condition. At the Trowbridge Garden Centre you are going to find whatever type of compost in Bath you might possibly need, and as always you get to benefit from highly competitive prices. Not to mention the tips and advice our staff will give you so as to help you out in choosing the best compost Bath for your garden. You can find more information about our compost on our Soil and fertilisers page. 

Where to find Compost in Bath

At Trowbridge Garden Centre you'll find the compost Bath residents love, visit us today to get your bag. Your plants will love you for it! Besides compost, we also offer other products as outdoor plants, indoor plants and we have a lovely tea room where you can have a drink and something to eat!

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