We can't wait until Christmas 2021. It has been another bumpy ride and it's time for the most wonderful time of the year. From October, Trowbridge Garden Centre is completely transformed into a magical Christmas centre. Drop by to enjoy the fantastic festive displays and events we're planning in the run-up to the holiday season. At Trowbridge Garden Centre in Trowbridge-Wiltshire, you will find anything you need for a perfect Christmas. We have real and artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Take a look at our garden centre and discover new trends, colours and patterns. If you have any questions about our product range, then please contact us. 

Christmas - Trowbridge

Bath Christmas Market

Our garden centre is located near Bath, in Trowbridge-Wiltshire. Bath's Christmas Market has been a popular, traditional event during the festive period. We're so excited to finally announce that all of the stallholder applications will be open during the Christmas Market 2021. This lovely event is all about stepping back in time and experience the historic streets of Bath at Christmas. Over 150 sparkling chalets and festive entertainment will be lining the streets of Bath for the 25-day market. This year, the event will run from Thursday 25th November until Sunday 19th December. This is the first year that we’ve run the market for 25 days to ensure that as many people have the opportunity to soak in the festive atmosphere and cross some shopping off their Christmas list. You can combine a visit to Bath's Christmas Market with a visit to Rushfields Plant Centre to get in the Christmas mood and shop for everything you need for a magical Christmas. 

Christmas Market Bath - Trowbridge

What To See at Rushfields Christmas Centre

Over the holiday season, Rushfields Plant Centre is completely transformed into Rushfields Christmas Centre. Our garden centre shows all kinds of stalls that are packed with Christmas decorations like Christmas ornaments, Christmas garlands, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas baubles, and Christmas lights. If you're looking for Christmas gifts, then our Gift department is something for you. Here, we sell Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree decorations, and funny Christmas clothing. Discover our wide range of trendy Christmas items that you have to have this year.

Christmas Assortment Trowbridge

Here are just a few highlights among the wonderful things you can expect to find in our winter wonderland:

  • Christmas trees: we have different kinds of real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees
  • Christmas tree lights: stock up on glittering lights to decorate trees and hang outdoors in the garden.
  • Christmas decorations: our breath-taking range of ribbons, baubles and tinsel adds sparkle to your festive display.
  • Novelties: toys, chocolates and beautiful ornaments to hang in your tree.
  • Christmas Gifts: from books to gardening tools, Christmas cards, handmade craft items and pretty candles, there's something for everyone that's on your list. 
  • Christmas Hampers: our special gift hampers contain Christmas delights and delicacies for sheer indulgence.

Please ask the staff in our Trowbridge garden centre for more information and advice about our range of Christmas goodies.

Christmas Hampers - Trowbridge

4 Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit

Do you want to know how to be jolly, merry and happy? Trowbridge Garden Centre has some tips for you on how to get in the Christmas spirit:

  • Decorate your room: our first tip for getting in the Christmas spirit is to fully decorate your room. We recommend decorating your room with Christmas decorations such as pillows, Christmas candles and Christmas lights like lanterns, window lights, and outdoor lights.
  • Buy a Christmas tree: tough you have a small living room or a large space, you will be needing a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are a traditional way to celebrate the holiday season. You can find both real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees at Trowbridge Garden Centre. Visit our garden centre and pick your perfect tree.
  • Make a Mini Christmas Village: another way to add more Christmas spirit to your room is to decorate a little Christmas Village. You can start by covering a windowsill, shelve or table with a blanket of ‘snow’. Just top the blanket with a bunch of little mini Christmas houses, Christmas trees, Christmas people, reindeer, lanterns, music and more. We warn you: once you get started with a Christmas Village, it's hard to stop buying new houses every year. This hobby can be addictive. 

Christmas_Trowbridge Garden Centre

  • Put on Christmas Music: one of our favourite ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to listen to a bunch of Christmas songs. While you're setting up the Christmas tree, it's fun to sing along with Christmas songs you haven't heard for a year. Trust us, it really helps you to get in the festive spirit. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  • Make a Christmas Wishlist: do you have some wishes for this year? It's always good to immediately write them down. In case you will forget what you actually wanted to ask for Christmas, you can have a look at your Christmas list. Also, plan what you want to give to others. Trowbridge Garden Centre helps you out by buying the most precious Christmas gifts for this year.

Visit Trowbridge Christmas Centre

Are you excited about Christmas 2021? Explore our Christmas Market and buy new Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and, of course, a Christmas Tree. If you need any help during your Christmas shopping, please ask our staff workers. They can always help you out. Please find our opening hours on our contact page. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a healthy, joyful and happy 2022. 

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