Christmas wreath

A traditional way to decorate your front door is by hanging up a Christmas wreath. Trowbridge Garden Centre offers different types of festive wreaths. Embrace the holiday spirit and impress your guests with a beautiful Christmas wreath hanging on the door. Wreaths are made of evergreen branches, ribbons, baubles, tinsel and, sometimes, battery-operated Christmas lights. Discover our range of wreaths and add a little extra to your Christmas decoration this year. Start Christmas shopping at Trowbridge Garden Centre. 

Our Christmas wreaths will be available from December.

Christmas wreath outdoor

Christmas isn’t just about decorating your Christmas tree, don’t forget your exterior! This year, you will be doing it all different. Hang Christmas lights in the trees, shrubs, hedge and fence. Your front door needs a minor touch-up, and what’s better than a Christmas wreath for outdoor? Shop your perfect outdoor Christmas wreath to get into the festive mood. We offer a wide range of natural wreaths and artificial wreaths for the outdoors.

Real Christmas wreath

An artificial wreath may last several years. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh wreath. Trowbridge offers a range of natural Christmas wreaths made of spruces, pines and firs. Smell the lovely scent of our fresh wreaths and decorate it your way. A real wreath is made from natural materials rather than plastic which makes it a more environmentally-friendly option.

Real Christmas wreath - Trowbridge

How to decorate your own Christmas wreath

If you’ve found a good size wreath, the next question is ‘how to decorate it?’

  1. First, you have to think of the colours you want to use

  2. Next up is the decoration. Do you want to use natural materials, like dried flowers, or accessories like baubles and tinsel.

  3. Do you want to light it up? Use battery-operated Christmas lights, making it possible to light it without any hassle with cords and sockets.

  4. Add a bow, spray it with glitters or use fake snow to finish it off.

Christmas bauble wreath

Can you think of something more Christmassy than a wreath that’s decorated with baubles? Us neither. Trowbridge offers different wreaths that are instantly ready to be hung up on your front door. A Christmas bauble wreath contains a natural or artificial wreath and a lot of Christmas baubles in every colour you could think of. Do you want to make one yourself? Please find the best accessories and decorations and tie them up with a ribbon upon the wreath.

Christmas bauble wreath - Trowbridge

Buy Christmas wreaths at Trowbridge

Do you hear the sleighbells ringing? That’s the sound of Santa’s coming to town. It’s time to get into the Christmas mood. Add a little sparkle to your festive decorations with a Christmas wreath. Our wreaths look fantastic and will give your guests a warm welcome. Not only your guests, but everyone that walks by, gets a smile on their face. Christmas is about having a good time with friends, family and everyone around you. Are you looking for a lovely Christmas gift? Why not give a Christmas wreath as a present? Visit Trowbridge in Wiltshire and choose your favourite.

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